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Brendan Cole and Jo Wood reunited in Moseley

Jo Wood and Brendan Cole

They were last seen in each other’s arms in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing, but Brendan Cole and Jo Wood are still tripping the light fantastic.

The couple revived their partnership when they put on an energetic jive routine in Birmingham to promote a healthy lifestyle.


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Hoping to 'doble' their marks

After ending up at the bottom of the leader board last week, Jo Wood and Brendan Cole are stepping up their game.

Jo Wood & Brendan Cole

The coolest grandmother in rock and roll, the radiant and effervescent Jo Wood was a major player in the rowdy Rolling Stones circus for three decades and yet survived unscathed to tell the tale. She has transcended her hedonistic past to become a glamorous green queen, with a hugely successful eco-empire to boot. These days everybody wants a little piece of the Jo Wood magic! Jo describes her mum as being Strictly’s biggest fan and is most keen not to let her down her when she dances on the show.