News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

Jade Johnson and Ian Waite


Johnny Ball dancing with Ian Waite

johnny Ball is taking to the dance floor with another bloke after his female partner fractured her ankle. Pro dancer Aliona Vilani was injured after her and the veteran telly host got their legs tangled in rehearsals.

She has been ruled out of next weekend’s first live show so dancer Ian Waite has stepped in to help Jonny do the MAN-go and practise his steps while bosses hunt for a female replacement.

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Dance yourself fit!

The toned bodies of Strictly Come Dancing's professionals are one of the joys of the show.

But can mere mortals like us ever reach such heights of physical perfection? Dance pro Ian Waite, who has competed in six series of the show with celebrities such as Zoe Ball and Jodie Kidd, says we should all give it a go.

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Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite

It’s time to get up close and personal. That’s the message from Ian Waite, one of the stars of the Strictly Come Dancing – The Professionals tour.

The tour comes to the Liverpool Empire on June 21 and promises to be a spectacular show featuring the top 10 dancers from the popular BBC show.

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Jade 'overwhelmed' by public support

Strictly Come Dancing's Jade Johnson has said she has been overwhelmed by the level of support following her withdrawl from the BBC dance contest. The Olympic athlete quit the show following a grade-two tear to a knee ligament, according to reports.

The long-jumper suffered the injury while rehearsing the tango in week nine.

Speaking during the show on Saturday, Johnson said: "I'm so, so upset that I can't dance tonight.

"Right now, it just makes me see what a wonderful time I've had, how much I've enjoyed it and definitely how much I'm going to miss it."

In the studio, her dance partner Ian Waite added: "Jade has developed so much as a person and dancer.

"It's been such a journey. I've loved every minute."

She told It Takes Two: "I have honestly been overwhelmed with how much support we have had.

"People say that all the time, but honestly when I first started the show I told Ian [Waite, professional partner], 'No-one knows me, so I don't think anyone will vote for me'.

"So to have all this support, I'm so overwhelmed. That's been the hardest thing - to not go out and dance."

Waite added: "We feel like we've let all those people down who voted for us."

Asked if she learnt anything about herself while taking part in the show, Jade replied: "I think that when I started this, I was a girl and I think I have turned into a woman."

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Jade’s exit is tragic

Former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips has branded Jade Johnson's departure from the show a tragedy - because it's now a two-horse race.

Jade was forced to pull out on Saturday after injuring her knee the previous week. Arlene believes Ali Bastian and Ricky Whittle are now certain to make the final.



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Jade Johnson quits!

Athlete Jade Johnson has been forced to quit Strictly Come Dancing after she was unable to dance for the second week running due to injury.

Johnson had to pull out of last Saturday's show at the last minute after sustaining a serious knee injury during dress rehearsals.

Tests revealed she had torn ligaments in her knee - and her future in the show hung in the balance after she was unable to train with dance partner Ian Waite this week.

She had still hoped to dance up until Saturday, despite BBC doctors advising her not to.

However she was ruled out of this week's show - and has been forced to forfeit her place in the competition as contest rules state that any contestant who misses more than one week has to quit.

 Johnson, who appeared with Waite on Saturday evening's show, said she was "very emotional" after footage of her time in the competition was screened.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "Just sitting here is really hard for me."

Waite also expressed his disappointment at Jade's departure from the show.

"Jade's developed so much as a person as well as a dancer, it's been such a journey for the two of us," he said.


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Jade injury latest

Following Jade's injury last week, the BBC and Jade's management, after considering all the medical advice, have decided that she should not dance in this week's show. This sadly means that she will no longer be able to compete in the series. Jade has been a fantastic contestant and we are very sad to see her go.

During the dress rehearsal on Saturday 14 November, Jade Johnson sustained a serious injury. Under medical advice she cannot dance in the show tonight.

In this circumstance, the celebrity is allowed to 'sit out' the show for one week only. The rest of the celebrities will compete as normal.

Laila Rouass also sustained an injury to her ankle. She was examined by a doctor who confirmed that although dancing could be painful it would not cause her further medical problems and she could dance tonight. Laila decided she wanted to dance in the show.

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Jade to undergo last-minute fitness check

Strictly Come Dancing's Jade Johnson is to undergo a last-minute fitness test before she can take part in tonight's show, according to reports. The Olympic athlete was removed from the dance floor by doctors during the show last weekend.

The long jumper's knee "popped" in practice and after a week of treatment it is still unclear whether she will be able to perform on the BBC dance contest.

An insider has said that they will try to leave the decision as late as possible.

They told the Daily Star: "Everyone wants Jade to have a fighting chance.

"With the Olympics in mind, her health is the most important thing.

"She doesn't want to risk her chances of competing as an athlete by pushing herself too hard on Strictly."

The show will have its host back this weekend as Bruce Forsyth has recovered from his bout of flu.

A spokesman for the BBC confirmed: "Bruce is feeling better and we're delighted that he'll be back at the helm this Saturday.

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Strictly no decision on Jade

BBC bosses have confirmed that they are still undecided over the fate of injured Strictly Come Dancing star Jade Johnson.

The athlete was forced to withdraw from the contest last week after sustaining an injury to a knee while rehearsing the tango with her professional partner Ian Waite.

Some sources had claimed that Johnson would be declared fit to perform on the show this Saturday, but BBC officials have confirmed that they have not yet come to a decision.

The official Twitter page for the show said: "We await further medical advice regarding Jade Johnson's injury.

"No decision has yet been made as to whether Jade will be able to dance this Saturday night on Strictly."

Former Strictly contestant Roger Black told The Sun that he believes that Johnson's injury could lead to a move to ban athletes from the dance contest.

Black, who competed in the 2004 series, claimed that bosses at UK Athletics may clamp down on athletes participating on the show.

He said: "I don't think you'll be seeing another current athlete on Strictly, or doing anything like it.

"They're getting Lottery funding, so athletes are accountable now."

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Strictly stars are still suffering

Jade Johnson and Laila Rouass are still suffering from injuries that may stop them from performing on the dance show this week according to Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two.


Jade was unable to perform her dance on last Saturday’s show due to a knee injury that she had sustained in rehearsals.

Strictly Come Dancing rules allow performers to sit out for one week only if they have been given medical advice by their doctor. If the injury prevents her from performing this week as well, Strictly rules state she would be automatically axed from the competition.


The show has been plagued with illnesses and injuries. Bruce Forsyth was also absent from Saturday night’s show due to flu, whilst actress Laila Roasss was in too much pain with an ankle injury to perform her full dance.

Professional dancer James Jordan told It Takes Two host Claudia Winkleman that injuries are very common for dancers but that professionals “get used to it” and learn how to “dance through the pain.”

The celebrities will find this more difficult and Laila Rouass has only managed to train for one hour this week which will have an obvious effect on her performance.

The actress is determined to fight on through her pain and is thankful for the support of the public. She is adamant that she owes it to the viewers to keep going.

The actress commented: “People paid for us to stay in.”

She then added that she should: “At least give it a go and see what happens.”

The show also announced today that they will be returning to their two show format next month for the final three rounds. This will mean that the contestants will dance during their usual slot but will not find out their fate until later that evening in a specific results show.

Insiders have claimed that the latest change is being made so viewers have more time to vote as the competition reaches its final stages.

Strictly Come Dancing continues this week on BBC1 at 6.50pm

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Jade still unsure about Strictly

Jade Johnson's future on Strictly Come Dancing still hangs in the balance after she popped her knee last week.

The athlete was injured during last week's dress rehearsal and was unable to perform.

On Wednesday a spokesman for the BBC said it was still not known whether she would be fit to take part this Saturday: "She was checked out by a doctor yesterday and will be checked again today - no decision has been made yet, we're taking one day at a time."

Jade told the Mirror she is worried about her Olympic career as well as her chances of winning the Glitterball Trophy on the dance competition.

She said: "Anyone in my situation would be worried about the Olympics as well as the show."

Speaking earlier this week to, former Strictly winner Karen Hardy said she thought Jade should leave the competition to protect her Olympic career.

She said "If it was me I would be out of the show and protecting my career. But it would all depend on how serious the injury is. If it is serious and going to affect her entire career than I'd be out.

"She's made such a huge impact with what she's doing, she's brilliant! With Jade, we've got to be careful - she's the future, she's representing England!"

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