News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

Craig to wear a Kilt


Speaking in the Daily Record the former Corrie star who played Weatherfield knicker factory boss Luke Strong in the show said he was keen to drum up support in Scotland and emulate rugby star Kenny Logan’s patriotic performance two years ago.

The actor, who is half Scots on his mother’s side said :‘’I’m trying to work out what dance I could wear a kilt on.

‘’Hopefully, if I stay in, I can wear one. But would I wear underpants?’’

Craig's performances with dance partner Flavia Cacae has attracted scathing criticism from the judges including being likened to Humpty Dumpty.

In the past two weeks he’s found himself in the bottom two and only managed to scrape through by public vote.

While he’s desperate to make it all the way to the Strictly final on November 7 in Blackpool’s tower ballroom he concedes Craig is well aware he’s hardly the bookie’s favourite.

‘’I’m the underdog of the show,’’ he admitted. ‘’Some people think I’m being undermarked.

I don’t think I’m a bad dancer. I might not be a natural but I work incredibly hard.

Now it’s up to me to show how good I can be on the show. You can change people’s opinions in one dance.’’

He also revealed that wife Camilla has been a rock throughout.

''She takes all the blows with me. She knows how much I'm putting into it. She's really proud I've got this far.''



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