News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

Craig finally being himself


Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Kelly has said that he is finally letting fans see his true personality. The Corrie star, who is partnered with Falvia Cacace, has admitted that he took himself too seriously at the beginning of the competition.

Craig told the Manchester Evening News: "It literally takes over your life, it's all anyone wants to talk about when they see you, everyone has got an opinion - I've had so many bits of advice from different people, and it can be tough.

"The first few weeks I wasn't being myself - I'm quite a fun person, but I came across quite serious.

"Now I'm almost halfway through it takes the pressure off."

The actor celebrates his 39th birthday on Saturday and is looking forward to a good show.

He said: "I'm hoping it could be my birthday treat, to get through for another week on Strictly.

"And hopefully the judges will bake me a cake on Saturday - it's the least they can do!"

The Scots actor has announced that he may wear a kilt in a future episode of show.

Kelly told the Daily Record: "I'm trying to work out what dance I could wear a kilt on.

"Hopefully, if I stay in, I can wear one. But would I wear underpants?"



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