News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace


Craig compares Strictly to freefalling

Strictly Come Dancing reject - actor Craig Kelly - has admitted that performing on the show was like being chucked out of a plane!

The Coronation Street star was given his marching orders from the hit ballroom dancing show last weekend after failing to impress in front of his home town crowd at the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool




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Craig Kelly hits back at Strictly judges

Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Kelly blasted the judges after he was eliminated on Saturday night. The former Corrie star accused the panel of "putting the boot in" after their harsh comments on his performance.

The actor was voted out of the BBC dance contest after he performed the cha cha cha in front of his home crowd at the Blackpool Tower ballroom.

His performance was slated by all the judges and Alesha Dixon was particularly severe in her criticism.

She told Craig: "I can't believe I had to endure that.

Craig was described by judge Craig Revel Horwood as being "like a Thunderbird".

The 39 -year-old, who played Luke Strong in Corrie, said: "Their comments were harsh. It didn't feel nice at all and I thought it was unnecessary.

"But that is their job. I actually thought it was my best Latin dance. But the show is in week eight and the standard is so high and I think that is why I was marked so low."

He added: "If I had done that dance in week three or four I would have got better marks.

"I was surprised how low I was marked, but I didn't feel bad. It felt like it was my time to go - apart from the judges putting the boot in."

The star had his parents, brother and wife Camilla cheering him on in his home town.

He said: "Being in Blackpool was the least nervous I have been. I really got into it and thought I was going to do well.

"I can honestly say I enjoyed it and even though the comments were harsh they didn't ruin my night."

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Dancing donkey Craig Kelly

Strictly Come Dancing loser Craig Kelly has been branded a donkey.

Arlene Philips, a former judge on the show, has slammed the ex-'Coronation Street' actor - who was voted out on Saturday night (07.11.09) - saying he was "deluded" about the quality of his dancing and lumbered around the dance floor like a "Blackpool donkey".

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Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace

SCD 7 - Week 8 What the Judges said

On Saturday 7th November Craig Kelly became the eighth celebrity to be voted off the seventh series of BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing - in a special edition of the show from Blackpool's famous Tower ballroom.

In week eight of the competition, all nine of the remaining celebrity contestants and their professional dance partners took to the floor, with Craig performing a Cha Cha to Easy Lover.

After tonight’s performance, the combination of the judges' scores and viewers’ votes left Craig Kelly and his professional partner Flavia Cacace in the bottom two and facing the dance off with Ricky Groves and his professional partner Erin Boag.

The Judges' Comments

Making their decision on who to save the judges said:

Craig Revel Horwood: "I'd like to save Ricky and Erin."

Alesha Dixon: "Craig - you've been very sweet, my love. But I have to save Ricky and Erin."

Bruno Tonioli: "Based on what I saw, I have to save Ricky and Erin."

With 3 votes cast in their favour, Ricky Groves and Erin Boag were saved and through to next week's show. It was academic but Head Judge Len Goodman said: "I was in agreement with my colleagues."

On leaving the competition Craig Kelly said: "I feel pretty amazing really. It's great that I made it to Blackpool. Any other week was a massive Bruce's bonus. And to have danced with the best dancer in the world for two-and-a-half months has been wonderful."

They then departed the show to the exit song; S Club 7's 'Never Had A Dream Come True.'

Saturday’s show saw the legendary Rod Stewart perform 'It's The Same Old Song' and viewers were treated to the Strictly professional dancers performing a Viennese Waltz and a Remembrance Swing, featuring the return of former Strictly winner Jill Halfpenny.

Next week, the remaining eight couples will return to London, to dance live again from BBC TV Centre!

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Strictly: Craig Kelly is out!

Craig Kelly has become the latest casualty of Strictly Come Dancing, losing out to Ricky Groves in the dance-off in this week's show from Blackpool.

The Coronation Street star - who had been the bookies' favourite to go - had been lucky in recent weeks, winning through on the public vote despite proving unpopular with the judges.

However this week he found himself in the bottom two following his cha cha cha with dance partner Flavia Cacace.

And after both he and EastEnders' Groves had reprised their routines, the judges voted unanimously to save Groves.

Kelly - who made no secret of his desire to make it to the show in his home town of Blackpool, said it was "great" he had made it this far.

"Any other week would have been a massive Brucie bonus," he joked, "and I got to dance with the best dancer in the world."

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Kelly is latest Strictly casualty

Coronation Street star Craig Kelly has become the latest celebrity to be voted off BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing.

The show's judges voted unanimously to save EastEnders' Ricky Groves and partner Erin Boag, who faced Kelly and Flavia Cacace in the show's dance-off.

Afterwards, Lancashire-born Kelly said it was "great" he had lasted until this edition of the programme, broadcast from Blackpool's Tower Ballroom.

Eight celebrity contestants remain in the latest series of the hit show.

Kelly found himself in the dance-off after registering his lowest ever score - 17 out of a possible 40 for his cha-cha-cha.

But after hearing the judges' scores, he had complained: "That's disgraceful, I can't believe that."

The Tower Ballroom was home to the BBC's long-running Come Dancing show, which ran from the 1940s to 1990s.

As part of Strictly's visit to the town, the BBC staged mass dance events in Blackpool's Winter Gardens.

The contestants also paid a visit to Catterick Garrison, in North Yorkshire, to meet troops in training for deployment to Afghanistan.

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Corrie actor booted off Strictly

Actor Craig Kelly became the latest celebrity to be kicked off Strictly Come Dancing tonight after racking up his lowest score.

The Coronation Street star felt the judges' were too tough on his cha cha, and said of his 17-point score: 'That's disgraceful, I can't believe that'.

Eastenders actor Ricky Groves was saved by the judges, with Alesha Dixon, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood all backing him to stay.

As he was voted off, Kelly, who was born in Lancashire, said: 'I feel amazing really. It's great that I made it to Blackpool.'

Former Hollyoaks actress Ali Bastian achieved a perfect score of 40 for her Viennese waltz, and was followed on the leader board by star of the same soap Ricky Whittle who was given 35 for his tango.

Tonight's show took place in Blackpool's Tower Ballroom, the traditional home to the long-running BBC series Come Dancing, which was axed before the recent resurgence of interest.

The building's sprung parquet floor, which is twice the size of the normal dance floor in London, caused some surprises.

After athlete Jade Johnson performed a jive, Bruce Forsyth commented that the floor felt 'like a trampoline', while head judge Len Goodman said the movement had sent vibrations onto his bottom.

Previous winner Jill Halfpenny returned to perform a swing dance on the floor where she was victorious in 2004.

Model Penny Lancaster, also a previous contestant, performed another routine as her husband Rod Stewart sang 'It's the Same Old Song'.

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Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace

SCD 7 - Week 8 Result

The dance off in Blackpool was between Ricky & Erin and Craig & Flavia. Everyone was in agreement that it was time for Craig Kelly to leave the dance floor

Judges votes were

Craig - Ricky & Erin

Alesha - Ricky & Erin

Bruno - Ricky & Erin

Len - Ricky & Erin

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Craig not confident of making Strictly final

Craig Kelly has said that he has no chance of making the Strictly Come Dancing final. The former Corrie star is partnered on the BBC show by professional dancer Flavia Cacace.

The contest moves to his hometown of Blackpool this weekend and the couple are set to perform a cha cha cha.

Speaking on the Paul O'Grady show, Kelly said: "I'm happy because I won't make the final. I'm just okay and the others are great.

"I am so happy to be going to Blackpool this weekend though. It was my absolute goal to make it there."

The actor revealed that he has dancing in his blood as his grandmother was an expert ballroom dancer.

He said: "My mum told me that our gran was a great ballroom dancer in her time.

"I thought, 'great, I've got a bit of a chance then'."

He added: "I thought I'd be much better than I am. Just goes to show doesn't it?"

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Craig Kelly and Flavia Cacace

Craig & Flavia Interview

Strictly Come Dancing is off to Blackpool this weekend, but the contestants won’t have time to enter the sandcastle competition – they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

One pair who will be sweating bullets to avoid another dance-off are Flavia Cacace and actor Craig Kelly

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Craig not the new John Sergeant

Strictly Come Dancing celebrity Craig Kelly has vowed not to become the new John Sergeant despite getting a rough ride from the judges.

The Sun reports that the Coronation Street star is favourite to get the boot from the show tonight, after bookies confirmed that he was the show's least-backed celebrity ever.

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Craig to wear a Kilt

Speaking in the Daily Record the former Corrie star who played Weatherfield knicker factory boss Luke Strong in the show said he was keen to drum up support in Scotland and emulate rugby star Kenny Logan’s patriotic performance two years ago.

The actor, who is half Scots on his mother’s side said :‘’I’m trying to work out what dance I could wear a kilt on.

‘’Hopefully, if I stay in, I can wear one. But would I wear underpants?’’

Craig's performances with dance partner Flavia Cacae has attracted scathing criticism from the judges including being likened to Humpty Dumpty.

In the past two weeks he’s found himself in the bottom two and only managed to scrape through by public vote.

While he’s desperate to make it all the way to the Strictly final on November 7 in Blackpool’s tower ballroom he concedes Craig is well aware he’s hardly the bookie’s favourite.

‘’I’m the underdog of the show,’’ he admitted. ‘’Some people think I’m being undermarked.

I don’t think I’m a bad dancer. I might not be a natural but I work incredibly hard.

Now it’s up to me to show how good I can be on the show. You can change people’s opinions in one dance.’’

He also revealed that wife Camilla has been a rock throughout.

''She takes all the blows with me. She knows how much I'm putting into it. She's really proud I've got this far.''


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Craig finally being himself

Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Kelly has said that he is finally letting fans see his true personality. The Corrie star, who is partnered with Falvia Cacace, has admitted that he took himself too seriously at the beginning of the competition.

Craig told the Manchester Evening News: "It literally takes over your life, it's all anyone wants to talk about when they see you, everyone has got an opinion - I've had so many bits of advice from different people, and it can be tough.

"The first few weeks I wasn't being myself - I'm quite a fun person, but I came across quite serious.

"Now I'm almost halfway through it takes the pressure off."

The actor celebrates his 39th birthday on Saturday and is looking forward to a good show.

He said: "I'm hoping it could be my birthday treat, to get through for another week on Strictly.

"And hopefully the judges will bake me a cake on Saturday - it's the least they can do!"

The Scots actor has announced that he may wear a kilt in a future episode of show.

Kelly told the Daily Record: "I'm trying to work out what dance I could wear a kilt on.

"Hopefully, if I stay in, I can wear one. But would I wear underpants?"


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Craig hopes for birthday treat

Strictly Come Dancing groover Craig Kelly is hoping for only one birthday present this Saturday night.

And that's to be voted through another week on the celebrity dance show. Former Coronation Street star Craig celebrates his 39th on Saturday, and is hoping to get a treat - rather than trick - on his Halloween birthday.

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Craig not deterred by Strictly criticism

Actor Craig Kelly has said they is no chance of him walking off Strictly Come Dancing.

The former Coronation Street star has consistently received low scores from the judging panel and has survived two dance-offs.

Digital Spy reports that Kelly performance last Saturday night was described by judge Craig Revel Horwood as "stiff" and "awkward".

Speaking on BBC Two's 'It Takes Two' Kelly said he feels the judges are treating him "like a punchbag". He added that the criticism will not deter him.

Kelly said "This punch bag thing, I'm not used to someone telling me I'm absolutely rubbish on live TV. I have no other choice but to take it on the chin. How sweet would that be, if I delivered a dance that made them all smile? I truly believe that I have got potential."

He added: "There's no way I will walk away from this competition thinking I didn't give it 145%. I've been in the dance-off twice, but I beat it and came through. I will never give up."

Kelly has expressed his desire to perform on the show when it comes live from Blackpool on November 7. He was born near to Blackpool and is keen to perform for his home audience.



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No first dance at wedding

Corrie's Craig Kelly has not waltzed away with much glory in Strictly Come Dancing. In fact, he's got the judges in a spin - for all the wrong reasons.

So far in the popular BBC1 series his clunky quickstep has seen him likened to Humpty Dumpty and he has narrowly survived two dance-offs.

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Craig defends Bruce in Strictly row

Coronation Street star Craig Kelly has blasted claims that Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth is too old to present the show.

The actor said that he disagreed with comedian Justin Lee Collins who recently called for the 81-year-old to stand down.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "[It's] absolute rubbish. Bruce is a legend.

"He's still sharp and he makes me laugh. I don't think you could do this show without Bruce."

Craig plays Luke Strong who arrived in Weatherfield in February 2009 to replace Carla as the manager of Underworld.

Discussing the first show, he said: "I had half the rehearsal time of anybody else because I was filming my last scenes in Corrie.

"And then suddenly on the day of the live show, I finally nailed the steps and the moves. Thank goodness I didn't put a foot wrong"

He added: "The adrenaline I got from going out on that stage was like nothing else.

"I actually enjoyed it but it was like being thrown out of an aeroplane and not knowing if your parachute is going to open - an out of body experience."


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