News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Alesha Dixon Winner
  • Matt Di Angelo 2nd
  • Gethin Jones 3rd
  • Letitia Dean 4th
  • Kenny Logan 5th
  • Kelly Brook Out
  • John Barnes 7th
  • Kate Garraway 8th
  • Penny Lancaster 9th
  • Dominic Littlewood 10th
  • Gabby Logan 11th
  • Willie Thorne 12th
  • Stephanie Beacham 13th
  • Brian Capron 14th

Strictly 5

Strictly 5

The Semi-Final

Three couples and six dances - but who will go through to the Strictly final?

Just three couples remain in the competition, with over a thousand hours of training behind them. Pressure is mounting as only two can go through to the final next week. Which couple will have to hang up their dancing shoes in the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final?

Alesha and Matthew took to the dancefloor first, with a Quickstep to Amy Winehouse's hit Valerie. The judges loved it. "Alesha," said Bruno, "you might be the last girl standing, but you look like the First Lady of dancing!" Arelene agreed, declaring that the "neat and nippy footwork turned the nip in the air outside hot!"

Craig: 9, Arlene: 9, Len: 10, Bruno: 10 = 38

Matt and Flavia were next to slide under the spotlights, dancing Argentine Tango to La Yumba. Len praised them for being willing to take risks while Bruno commended Matt for bouncing back from last week: "You came back fully loaded!" Craig had some small criticism of Matt's technique, however.

Craig: 8, Arlene: 9, Len: 9, Bruno: 9 = 35

Next up were Gethin and Camilla, with a Paso Doble to Standing In The Way Of Control. "That was a real mix," said Arlene. "At times it was not very pleasant like a Spanish omelette, at other times it was like a fine Rioja". Len disagreed, telling Gethin that "I thought you came out and dominated that floor."

Craig: 8, Arlene: 8, Len: 10, Bruno: 8 = 34

Alesha and Matthew returned for an Argentine Tango to I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You. Craig said that he really loved the storytelling, but that it "lacked a small amount of attack". Arlene criticised the scissor kick but felt that "this dance is about seduction and longing, and the nation would have felt that." Bruno agreed: "The irresistible power of subtle seduction. All the way through, it was great."

Craig: 9, Arlene: 9, Len: 10, Bruno: 10 = 38

Matt and Flavia's second dance was a Waltz to Mariah Carey's Open Arms. The judges were ecstatic, with Len giving the pair a standing ovation, declaring "winners never quit, quitters never win, and you've come out and given it a winning performance." The judges score speaks for itself.

Craig: 10, Arlene: 10, Len: 10, Bruno: 10 = 40

Finally, Gethin and Camilla returned to the floor for an Argentine Tango to The World Is Not Enough. Len praised Gethin's bravery for coming on after the last dancers received a perfect score. "There was real passion," agreed Craig.


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Strictly 5

Semi-Final Scores

This week Alesha & Matthew received the highest combined scores once again

Alesha & Matthew (38/40): Quickstep, Craig - 9, Arlene - 9, Len - 10, Bruno - 10

Matt & Flavia (35/40): Argentine Tango, Craig - 8, Arlene - 9, Len - 9, Bruno - 9

Gethin & Camilla (34/40) Paso Doble, Craig - 8, Arlene - 8, Len - 10, Bruno - 8

Matt & Flavia (40/40): Argentine Tango, Craig - 10, Arlene - 10, Len - 10, Bruno - 10

Alesha & Matthew (38/40): Quickstep, Craig - 9, Arlene - 9, Len - 10, Bruno - 10

Gethin & Camilla (36/40): Waltz, Craig - 9, Arlene - 9, Len - 9, Bruno - 9

The couples danced two dances and these are the combined scores:

Alesha & Matthew: (76/80): Quickstep - 38, Argentine Tango - 38

Matt & Flavia: (75/80): Argentine Tango - 35, Waltz - 40

Gethin & Camilla: (70/80): Paso Doble - 34, Argentine Tango - 36

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Strictly 5

SCD Theme Tune

Josh and Dan have been in touch (the writers of the famous Strictly theme tune) about the release of their tune.

Their message is:

Thought you would like to know that the SCD song( lets go Dancing) is on iTunes, featuring the famous hook of the theme and the singers from the show, a must for any SCD fan!.

Download now and make it Christmas no 1.

a percentage of proceeds goes to Nordoff Robbins Music therapy.

For More info and to hear a sample log onto

And remember ..........'KEEP DANCING'

Merry Christmas

Josh Phillips and Dan McGrath

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Strictly 5

Spice Girls recording - POSTPONED

Today's recording postponed due to Emma B's ankle injury

The Spice Girls performance on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing – due for transmission on Sunday 16 December – has been postponed as Emma Bunton has sprained her ankle badly and will not be able to perform.

James Blunt will now perform for the semi-finals which will be pre-recorded on Saturday 15 December to transmit during the results show on Sunday 16 December.

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria will now perform their classic hit 2 Become 1 for the Strictly final on Saturday 22 December.

This is a change from an earlier announcement made by the BBC that the Spice Girls were due to pre-record a performance for the semi-finals results show to transmit this weekend.

Strictly Come Dancing's own fabulous professional dancers will still perform to the track for the final.

We apologise for any fans who will be disappointed by the news.


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Strictly 5

In it to win it

How are the semi finalists bearing up ahead of Saturday's show?

With only a day to go before the semi final, our three celebrities have been really knuckling down ahead of their biggest dances yet. So how are they all coping?


Alesha and Matt have been making good progress; nevertheless Alesha admits she's petrified about having to do five dances. 'There have been moments when you dream and have that vision of lifting the trophy,' she says. 'It would be wonderful, but I still feel it's a long way away.'

'The interesting thing about this week is I feel like we are the underdogs. If it's my last week I want to go out on a high. I want to enjoy the dances and make them special. For my own sanity I'll focus on enjoying and celebrating the weeks we have been there.'

'Saturday night I want to celebrate this whole experience and do it for the ladies and hopefully it's enough to see us through to the final.'


Gethin and Camilla have also been training hard and Gethin has been in high spirits. He says he loves the dances, and is particularly enjoying taking an aggressive role and leading Camilla around the dance floor. He's even offered to take the flack if it all goes wrong!

'It must be difficult to trust a Welsh Numpty,' he says. 'It must be so difficult to let me lead otherwise the dances would look fake. I just hope she will let me.'

'I can't believe we have got to the semi-final. I hate to think we'll go out. I am so close to getting Camilla her perfect Christmas present.'


Despite feeling the pressure from Saturday's show, Matt and Flavia have picked themselves up and have been in much better spirits towards the end of this week.

During Thursday's session the couple spent a lot of time laughing and joking, high five-ing, and hugging each other. At one point, Flavia wasn't able to dance because she was laughing so much at Matt's tomfoolery.

However, it hasn't all been fun and games. Flavia has again lectured Matt on the extreme pressure he unfairly heaps on himself. She also told him off about his lack of self-confidence. Matt admits the mood in Team Di Angelo has been very sombre but he's not giving up yet. 'I know if we remember the steps then we can win,' he says.


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Strictly 5

Jonathan gets a SCD lesson

Kerry Katona talks candidly about her mistakes with drugs on tonight's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

Tonight's guests also include the Strictly Come Dancing judges, and Jonathan gets an instant dance lesson from Len Goodman and an invitation to star in the next series:

"You've got a lovely natural rhythm, a subtle hip action, you're elegant ... in a slightly bizarre way!"

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Friday 14 December 2007, 10.35pm, BBC One


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Strictly 5

A very Strictly Christmas

Keep dancing this Christmas with three special shows

It's that exciting time of year when the Christmas TV schedules are released and you can mark just what treats Auntie has to offer - and that includes your favourite show.

We can now confirm that the final of the show will be on Saturday 22nd December at 5.50pm - 7.15pm with the eagerly-anticipated result show at 9.25pm - 10.10pm.

Then on Christmas Day there will be a special Christmassy edition of Strictly where two former Strictly champions, Mark Rampakash and Darren Gough, take on the final four couples of this series.

Expect plenty of tinsel and some favourite seasonal tunes added to the mix. But which of the judges will be playing Scrooge and which ones Santa with their comments?

The Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special is on BBC One at 8.30pm - 9.30pm.

And, if that wasn't enough for you, documentary The Strictly Come Dancing Story, tracing the history of the show, will round off the year on 28th December at 7pm - 8pm, BBC One.


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Strictly 5

Spice sprain stops Strictly slot

Emma Bunton's sprained ankle has forced the Spice Girls to cancel their appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

The singer slipped on stage in Las Vegas and is walking with crutches so James Blunt will stand in for the act during Saturday's programme.

Bunton said her injury would not stop her performing at the first gig of the group's UK tour, also on Saturday.

"I'm seeing David Beckham's doctor," the 31-year-old explained, "so I'm praying I'll be fine."

She went on: "I actually slipped over the other night on stage, which was embarrassing."

Bunton - aka Baby Spice - was performing with the Spice Girls at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Tuesday when she had her mishap.


The singer, who had a baby boy in August, had to be helped on to her plane from Los Angeles back to the UK on Wednesday night.

The airliner, a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747, was renamed Spice One in the group's honour.

More than 33,000 fans reportedly helped Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham choose the name from a shortlist of three.

Spice One won the internet poll with 56% of the vote, beating Girl Power and Spice Girl.

The Spice Girls are due to perform at the O2 arena in London on Saturday - the first UK date in a world tour that began in Vancouver in Canada on 2 December.

The group have three nights at the venue this month before returning there for 14 further dates in January.

Last year, Emma Bunton reached the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing with partner Darren Bennett.


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Strictly 5

Spices scrap Strictly

It's all gone Strictly shambolic for The Spice Girls - after Emma Bunton sprained her ankle just days before the UK leg of their reunion world tour.

Poor Baby, 31, has her left foot in a cast and is hobbling around on crutches after falling over during their Vegas gig on Tuesday.

The band aim to go ahead with tomorrow's gig at London's O2 Arena, but have scrapped a performance on the semi-finals of Strictly Come Dancing.

The BBC1 dance show was thrown into chaos after the Girls pulled out of today's recording at the last minute. James Blunt gallantly stepped in to sing instead and bosses hope the Spices will now appear on the final on December 22.

Emma slipped during Spice Up Your Life. Although in a lot of pain - as their song Wannabe might put it, "zig a zig ahhhh!" - she battled through till the end of the song. She was then whisked to a Vegas hospital for an X-ray.

The accident has left her barely able to walk - she even needed help from a burly bodyguard. Gamely, she still wore a stiletto on her good foot as the group arrived at LA International Airport, where a Virgin Atlantic plane was renamed Spice One in their honour.

Emma said: "I had a tumble onstage and unfortunately I have sprained my ankle, so I'm hobbling around on crutches. I am doing everything I can to get better. I am even seeing David Beckham's doctor!

"I am keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend. Even if I have to come out on crutches I will be there." The injury is terrible timing for The Spice Girls, who arrived in London on Thursday for the start of their 17-date stint at the O2.

A spokeswoman for the group said: "We'll have to see how Emma feels on Saturday as to what she is going to be able to do."

A source close to the group added: "The dance routines are quite demanding. The band hope they won't have to make any changes but they might have to."

This must all be horribly familiar to Emma, who broke her ankle in June 1997 after falling off her towering platforms while filming for a Turkish TV show. Baby clearly has problems with grown-up shoes...


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Strictly 5

Semi Final Dances

This week all three couples will be dancing the Argentine Tango as well as another dance:

Alesha & Matthew: Argentine Tango & Quickstep

Gethin & Camilla: Argentine Tango & Paso Doble

Matt & Flavia: Argentine Tango & Waltz

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Strictly 5

A family affair

Alesha says her nans helped her get through a difficult week

Alesha says last week was one of her toughest yet but that her nans' support helped her get through the dances on the night.

'The whole week of the Foxtrot was pretty emotional,' she says. 'My nans came down and surprised me. That was good fun and put things in perspective. The day they came in they said 'you aren't taking it seriously'. I couldn't believe they came down to tell me off!'

'The dance itself was emotional. It was one of the hardest weeks I've had. The reason I nearly cried was a build up of things that had happened in my life - then dancing to a song that was emotional for me.'

Despite being more consistent than some of the other celebrities, Alesha says she still finds herself under a lot of pressure. 'When the judges are looking for perfection it makes you nervous as I am not a professional dancer,' she says.

'It's hard to hear that the other couples have been on a journey. I've been on my own journey. I feel that I am living out people's dreams. I remember sitting on my couch thinking 'what would it be like to do that?'.'

The couple are still training every minute they can. 'We are putting all the hours in because it means everything to us. I am never ready to go home. Sleep is annoying - it wastes hours. If you really love something you never quite feel like you are there.'

þIf I go on Saturday I won't be unhappy that I didn't win but that it has come to an end. If it ends I will be in tears. The ultimate reward would be to make it to the final. That would be the icing on the cake.'


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Strictly 5

Sneak preview: Saturday's music

Find out which songs our three finalists will be dancing to this week

This week our three remaining couples will be performing two dances each to battle it out for a place in the final. Here's a sneak preview of the music they'll be dancing to.

* Valerie - Amy Winehouse

* Standing In The Way Of Control - The Gossip

* La Yumba - Lalo Schiffrin

* I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You - from Evita

* Open Arms - Mariah Carey

* World Is Not Enough - Garbage


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Strictly 5

Katherine Admits Gethin Romance

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins has spoken for the first time of her budding romance with Strictly Come Dancing heartthrob Gethin Jones.

As Entertainmentwise reported last week, the pair having been dating on the quiet ever since Katherine performed on the hit TV dancing competition in October.

Katherine has now fessed up to their secret affair, saying: “We’ve been out a few times and we’re both Welsh. It’s early days, we have known each other a long time.”

However, the singer – who has been slipping in to the BBC studio to watch her man wiggle his hips with ballroom partner, Camilla Dallerup – is still coy about their future together.

She continues: “There’s a competition on. We’ve both got very busy schedules right now.”


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Strictly 5

Back to square one for Matt

Matt and Flavia get some extra training on the set of EastEnders

Flavia hopes yesterday's trip to Albert Square will help Matt overcome his nerves on Saturday.

Matt had to go back to the EastEnders set for filming and took Flavia with him so they could get in some extra training between scenes.

'Flavia had an unusual idea to dance in front of the cast and crew,' says Matt. 'The more I dance in front of people the more it helps.'

'It was surreal. I was at my place of work - at The Vic, in the Square. I was a little bit nervous. I'm glad I didn't get the two dances mixed up. Even Barbara Windsor came up and I gave her a Tango. It was easy to dance with her because she's the same height as Flavia.'

Flavia knows Matt has to conquer his nerves if they're to get through to the final and hopes dancing in front of his colleagues will have given him a much-needed boost.

'I think I do need to dance with my heart and not my head - and not be so pressurised,' says Matt. 'I do think we can win this. I need to chill out, not be nervous, and do it like I did today. On Saturday night I need to picture myself dancing in the Square.'

Despite tackling his nerves, Matt is always going to be under a bit of pressure as he's desperate to get to the final – for his partner.

'On week one, unfortunately I made a promise to Flavia about being in the final,' he says. 'I didn't think I would have to honour that, but now we have come so far, if I don't I have broken that promise - and I feel I would break her heart a little.'


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Strictly 5


BBC Studio Audiences services have just issued this release, which we thought you might be interested in! Would you like to come and see the girls in action on Friday?


The production team of Strictly Come Dancing are delighted to announce a special afternoon recording of The Spice Girls taking place on Friday 14 December at BBC TV Centre London.

To be part of the audience for this special afternoon recording please call the BBC Ticket Line on 0870 901 1227.

Maximum of 2 tickets per caller.

Tickets are limited so phone now to be part of this intimate and exclusive performance.

This is a pre-recorded music segment of Strictly Come Dancing to TX on 16th December.

Entry on site is from 2:30pm and Doors open at 3:45pm . No under 16s will be admitted. Dress code is glamorous/strictly no jeans.


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Strictly 5

Barnes goes strictly scouting

John Barnes has proved there really is life after Strictly Come Dancing by signing up for a part-time role scouting for Roy Keane in the Caribbean.

The former Liverpool and England winger, who was born in Jamaica, will hold coaching clinics on seven islands and offer trials with Sunderland to the brightest under-20 talents.

"I'll be choosing the best players to go to Sunderland," said Barnes. "They recognise that, although Africa is saturated [with English scouts from the leading clubs], the Caribbean is the next place they are going to get the talent to hopefully grace the Premier League."

Keane already has three Trindidad and Tobago internationals in his team in Kenwyne Jones, Dwight Yorke and Carlos Edwards.


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Strictly 5

Tess' Take

The first lady of Strictly gives us the low down from back stage

Hi everyone!

Well, after yet another sensational show this week, we sadly had to say our goodbyes to Letitia. But what a girl! She did so well. It was like she finally had the confidence to get out on that dance floor and give it her all on Saturday, and it was plain to see that she was loving every minute of it. It's so sad to see her go, and we're all going to miss her so much. I'll miss her giving me a big hug at the end of every show, she was so much fun to be around. But one thing's for sure, she's had an absolute ball. Well done Tish – you're a star!

The nerves got the better of poor Matt on the night, bless him. What people don't realise is that he was literally shaking backstage before he went on. It's so hard to remember all of those steps. They're working hard all week, and only have those 90 seconds to prove themselves on the dance floor. And unlike EastEnders, this is live – you can't do a retake if you get it wrong. He was really upset afterwards, mainly as he thought he'd let Flavia down. It was such a shame when he's been doing so well – who could forget those shoulder shakes in his Salsa? But, he was so grateful that the public voted to keep him in. Let's hope he can keep those nerves at bay next week.

And what can I say about Gethin? Who is this guy, and what has he done with our Geth?! He was top of the judges' leader board, and all on his own too for the first time. He did a fantastic job with the American Smooth, and he had everyone on their feet with his Jive! What's the secret of his success? Well, he keeps blaming it on my mints! As you know I always have a supply on hand backstage to keep away my thirst so that I don't need the loo during the show, and he's been helping himself to them as well! Maybe he's right? I don't know what's happened to him, but we're all loving this new Gethin – as I say, watch out Ramps, there's a new Lothario of the Ballroom in town!

Alesha came out and wowed everyone once again with her beautiful Viennese Waltz and her passionate Paso Doble. She's always a joy to watch, and is just incredible every time. But how did she end up in the bottom two? It was such a shocker to see her in the dance off. But, maybe it was another case of the viewers at home thinking she was safe and so didn't need their votes. It just goes to show, you're never safe wherever you are on that leader board – every vote counts.

And so, this week it's semi final time, and I don't think the tension could be any higher! Will Matt be able to leave his nerves at the door? Will Alesha be able to keep up her high standard? Will Gethin be able to take us by storm yet again? And how will they all measure up to Vincent and Flavia's incredible demonstration of the Argentine Tango? Who knows. This is Strictly - anything can happen... and it probably will!

n the meantime,

Keep dancing!




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