News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Alesha Dixon Winner
  • Matt Di Angelo 2nd
  • Gethin Jones 3rd
  • Letitia Dean 4th
  • Kenny Logan 5th
  • Kelly Brook Out
  • John Barnes 7th
  • Kate Garraway 8th
  • Penny Lancaster 9th
  • Dominic Littlewood 10th
  • Gabby Logan 11th
  • Willie Thorne 12th
  • Stephanie Beacham 13th
  • Brian Capron 14th

Back to square one for Matt

Strictly 5
Matt and Flavia get some extra training on the set of EastEnders

Flavia hopes yesterday's trip to Albert Square will help Matt overcome his nerves on Saturday.

Matt had to go back to the EastEnders set for filming and took Flavia with him so they could get in some extra training between scenes.

'Flavia had an unusual idea to dance in front of the cast and crew,' says Matt. 'The more I dance in front of people the more it helps.'

'It was surreal. I was at my place of work - at The Vic, in the Square. I was a little bit nervous. I'm glad I didn't get the two dances mixed up. Even Barbara Windsor came up and I gave her a Tango. It was easy to dance with her because she's the same height as Flavia.'

Flavia knows Matt has to conquer his nerves if they're to get through to the final and hopes dancing in front of his colleagues will have given him a much-needed boost.

'I think I do need to dance with my heart and not my head - and not be so pressurised,' says Matt. 'I do think we can win this. I need to chill out, not be nervous, and do it like I did today. On Saturday night I need to picture myself dancing in the Square.'

Despite tackling his nerves, Matt is always going to be under a bit of pressure as he's desperate to get to the final – for his partner.

'On week one, unfortunately I made a promise to Flavia about being in the final,' he says. 'I didn't think I would have to honour that, but now we have come so far, if I don't I have broken that promise - and I feel I would break her heart a little.'



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