News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Darren Gough Winner
  • Colin Jackson 2nd
  • Zoe Ball 3rd
  • James Martin 4th
  • Patsy Palmer 5th
  • Bill Turnbull 6th
  • Will Thorp 7th
  • Dennis Taylor 8th
  • Fiona Phillips 9th
  • Gloria Hunniford 10th
  • Jaye Jacobs 11th
  • Siobhan Hayes 12th

Saturday's Dances

Strictly 3
Which couple is dancing what this week.This week our couples will all be performing a dance that they haven't tackled before.

Here's the details:

* Darren and Lilia - The Foxtrot
* Patsy and Anton - The Cha Cha Cha
* Colin and Erin - The Viennese Waltz
* James and Camilla - The Waltz
* Bill and Karen - The Waltz
* Zoe and Ian - The Tango
Our couples will also be dancing together for the Argentine Tango.



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