News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Darren Gough Winner
  • Colin Jackson 2nd
  • Zoe Ball 3rd
  • James Martin 4th
  • Patsy Palmer 5th
  • Bill Turnbull 6th
  • Will Thorp 7th
  • Dennis Taylor 8th
  • Fiona Phillips 9th
  • Gloria Hunniford 10th
  • Jaye Jacobs 11th
  • Siobhan Hayes 12th

How to vote

Strictly 3
Those all-important numbers to vote for your favourite.On the night the Strictly Come Dancing's four judges will each give a score for each performance from 1-10, with ten being the highest possible mark. The four judges' scores will be added together and placed on a leader board.

You, the viewer will also get a chance to vote by phone. When the phone lines are closed the judges' scores and the viewers scores are converted into a ranking with points awarded accordingly.

The couple with the lowest combined score are then asked to leave the dancefloor after dancing one last time.

In the event of a tie, the couple with the lowest actual number of viewer votes will be eliminated.

The Numbers

0901 121 4001 - Darren and Lilia

0901 121 4002 - Patsy and Anton

0901 121 4003 - Colin and Erin

0901 121 4005 - James and Camilla

0901 121 4006 - Gloria and Darren

0901 121 4007 - Will and Hanna

0901 121 4009 - Bill and Karen

0901 121 4010 - Fiona and Brendan

0901 121 4011 - Dennis and Izabella

0901 121 4012 - Zoe and Ian

Calls cost 25p from a landline. Mobile rates vary. At least 12p per call goes to Children in Need.



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