News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

An email conversation with Roger Black

Strictly 2
Strictly Come Dancing: what are your best and worst memories of taking part, and who do you think will win the current series?

I'm following the current series with interest, and Jules and I are going up to watch it next week. Obviously Colin [Jackson] can do well. He's a bit too bloody good, isn't he? He hasn't been really tested yet, but he must have a good chance. Zoe Ball is good too.

I was never going to be a great dancer - I was always in the middle. But the proper dancers took things so seriously. My best moment was week five, when I was dancing at Blackpool and I was sure I was going out because I had danced like crap, but we didn't even feature in the bottom two. I was completely gobsmacked.

My worst moment was the initial photo-shoot, when I was suckered into wearing a see-through sequinned top, which I have never lived down. They told me everyone was wearing the same kind of thing, but I was the only one.



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