News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

Champion Quotes

Strictly 2
These are quotes taken from the Strictly Come Dancing special, Champion of Champions...

"Martin on fire" said Len [about Martin and Erin's Jive]
"Great rhythm, good posture" continued Len
"Welcome to the clash of the titans" said Bruno
"You were very hot!" continued Bruno
"It's the best I've seen you dance" complemented Craig

"I thought you were terrific" said Craig [about Aled and Lilia's Samba]
"I was really sad to see you weren't in the final" continued Craig to which Lilia answered, "It's because you gave us a 6!"
"I saw your hips move tonight" said an impressed Arlene

"Poetry!" exclaimed Arlene about [Lesley and Anton's Waltz]
"It was like opening the curtains Christmas morning and seeing snow - deep and crisp and even" gushed Len

"I am disappointed you did lifts" said Arlene disappointedly [about Denise and Ian's Quickstep]
"You were like a volcano" disagreed Bruno
"You were amazing, you were an Amazon!" agreed Craig

"I'm shocked" simply said Craig disagreeing with Len's good comment [about Natasha and Brendan's Foxtrot]
"Your magic is untouchable" Arlene admired

"You rock" said Bruno [about Jill and Darren's Jive]
"Outstanding" continued Craig
"Dynamic, powerful and energetic" gushed Arlene
"They're so great I have to look for the faults, but there's not many in there" finished Len

You know what they say about revenge: Best taken in a frilly frock!" exclaimed Anton

"I'd forgotten what a hard teacher you are" Natasha said
"But damnit woman, I get results!" replied Brendan

"I've had to haul myself up to Halifax as Brendan's apparently being charming, which I've yet to see!" said Natasha

"You've got too much foundation on!" Julian told Craig


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