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Yanet Fuentes

Yanet Fuentes

Profile - Yanet Fuentes

Passionate Latin performer who wishes her family back in Havana could see her on the show.

Hailing from Cuba, Yanet began her journey in dance as a gymnastics student, following in her parents' footsteps as sportspeople. She didn't like it though, and naturally segued into dancing. She spent seven years at the National School of Art & Dance in Havana, Cuba and, since coming to the UK, has worked in many different jobs.

Some of these include: two West End Musicals, TV appearances (Generation Game, This Morning, The Paul O'Grady Show), starring in music videos for Alicia Keys, Craig David, ABS and Tinchy Stryder and N'Dubz, as well as appearing in TV commercials for Sanex, Nokia and Atec.

She is a three-time Tropicana World Open Salsa Champion and travels the world teaching and performing her own Latin dance shows.

Yanet was convinced by a couple of friends to audition for SYTYCD and, after some pushing, came to believe it would be a great experience for her as a dancer.


"Havana, Cuba, but I live in London now..."

Favourite song to dance to?

"A mixture of Latin with contemporary and modern. Being Cuban, Latin and salsa rhythm is very natural for me."

Greatest dancing fear?

"Blacking out – forgetting a routine."

Best physical feature?

"I don't know... my smile."

Worst habit in dance?

"I'm too critical of myself, I very rarely see the good that I do."

On stage most embarrassing moment?

"Once my costume fell off and I had to complete the routine with my top exposed. It was so embarrassing – but at least I finished the routine!"

How did you get into dance?

"Well, from an early age I was doing gymnastics, and when I was eight I went to my mother and asked if I could take dance lessons – I was always very feminine – and I went to dance school in Havana from 11 to 18, and a month after I graduated I came to London."

Where did you train?

"The national school of dance in Havana."

What is your favourite type of dance?

"A collage of all different types."

What it is like working on a TV show?

"First of all we have to learn to be very patient – there are so many people working on the show. It is amazing because it is different, it is new. I'm loving it."

Have you bonded with the other contestants?

"I found it very hard to say goodbye to so many people during Choreography Camp. With the 14 now, we sometimes forget that we're competing. It's very supportive."

Are the judges as scary as they seem?

"I think they're very honest. Nigel knows what he's talking about – if he says something, he's usually right. I'll never forget a routine in Choreography Camp that I didn't quite get right, the judges weren't very happy with me – and I cried like a baby after. They're very honest and their comments made me a stronger dancer."

What are your future plans?

"I don't have any firm plans for the future – because usually if you plan things they might not happen. But I would love this to give me an opportunity to work in different areas. I would love to work in TV."

Why did you enter this competition?

"I really wanted to prove to myself my worth as a dancer. I'm so pleased I've reached the live shows now, and whatever happens, happens..."

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