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Alastair Postlethwaite

Alastair Postlethwaite

Shock return to SYTYCD

Tarletonfarmer’s son Alastair Postlethwaite is back in BBC talent show So You Think You Can Dance after injury forced one of the finalists to pull out.

Alastair, 28, was sensationally reinstated in to the dance contest after Robbie White fell in rehearsals, dislocating his shoulder.

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Mandy and Alastair miss chance to dance in final

After performing in two couples and solo routines each in the semi-final show, viewer votes left Mandy & Lizzie and Alastair & Robbie having to "dance for their lives" in solos in front of the judges for their places in the grand final of BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance.

The four gave their all in the final 30 seconds to save their space in the competition and judges chose to eliminate Mandy and Alastair, sending Lizzie and Robbie through to next week's finale.

Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce progressed straight through to next week's final on viewers votes.

Of the girl's final dance, Nigel Lythgoe said: "Girls, we are unanimous in our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying how delighted we are in even seeing both of you in our top three dancers. You should know, the pair of you, how wonderful you have been across the series and we respect you as dancers. Congratulations."

"Lizzie we have seen not so much your technique as your personality grow across this series. You're very shy even though you're a performer and to see that personality start to come out now, I'm a little sorry it hasn't been before this. But you have never been here in the bottom two and you find yourself here in the most important week of this series.

"Mandy you said all the hard work would be worthwhile if you get to the grand final. All the hard work has been worthwhile, but let me say I am ever so sorry you haven't made the grand final this year."

Of the boy's final dance, Nigel said: "Gentlemen we are again unanimous with our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying the pair of you are inspirational to guys out there thinking whether they should start dancing or not. Both of you are wonderful ambassadors for the world of dance.

"Alastair, how on earth you got into ballet I'll never know. I love the fact you still go down the pub with your mates... if you got a body like that from drinking beer, people would be drinking more beer! You have been brilliant in this series, you have been incredible. Tonight, though, for the first time I think I have seen someone dancing for their life and that was Robbie, and he overwhelmed you with his performance. He really looked like he was dancing for his life, and I am sorry but you won't be staying with us."

After her elimination Mandy said: "Before I start crying I just want to thank everybody who has helped me – I'm the blubbering American, I'm sorry. Everybody who has helped me get this far. Everybody who dances, keep dancing. It's worth it."

After his elimination Alastair said, on what has made his experience: "These people, these guys I've been working with – thank you everyone."

The results show had a performance from Leona Lewis, and a group dance featuring all six finalists to Big Spender choreographed by Karen Bruce.

Next week the remaining four dancers will be performing to win the competition, take home the £100,000 cash prize, get the chance to dance in Hollywood, and be named Britain's Favourite Dancer. The grand final guest performer will be Robbie Williams.

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Dance star voted out

So You Think You Can Dance star Alastair Postlethwaite was told he was inspirational as he was voted off the BBC1 show.

The 28-year-old ballet dancer from Tarleton, near Preston, narrowly missed out on a place in next week's final when he left the show on Saturday night.

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Mandy, Alastair miss out on SYTYCD

Mandy Montanez and Alastair Postlethwaite have missed out on next week's So You Think You Can Dance final after being eliminated on Saturday's show.

The pair, who had performed together on two routines earlier in the show - were given the boot after finding themselves in the bottom two alongside fellow dancers Lizzie Gough and Robbie White.

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Profile - Alastair Postlethwaite

Lancashire-born – and bred – ballet boy, hoping to further his career from the show. If he's not dancing he's farming.

Alastair was born in March 1981 in Preston, Lancashire, the youngest of three boys. He entered the world of dance at a young age when he insisted on following his best childhood mate along to Saturday morning ballet classes.

At the age of 11 he was accepted into The Royal Ballet where he attended White Lodge in Richmond. He was assessed out after a year, but remains proud to have made it in at this early stage, as it proved wrong people who had doubted his ability as a dancer. He then went to on to train at Arts Ed School in Tring until he was 18.

After graduating he joined Adventures in Motion Pictures where he performed in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake on a European, UK and West End tour.

He worked with the Scottish Ballet, Adonais, The Curve Foundation and The Royal Opera House. He travelled to Japan to work with K Ballet, created by Tetsuya Kumakawa.

His classical repertory includes Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, The Prodigal Son, Coppelia and Facade.

Most recently, he finished in the UK tour of Cabaret with Wayne Sleep, which he appeared in for a year-and-a-half.

What's your favourite song to dance to?

" I've listened to so much music over the years that I have a love of a lot of types of music. Recently, I'm listening to a lot of Muse and danced to Muse in my solo. I'm not such a fan of dance music though."

Your biggest dancing fear?

"It would have to be falling over, especially from a leap. The thing about leaping, in ballet, is that from the top of the jump you know if it's going wrong, you can feel it in your balance. It's scary, you can feel your heart stop for a second."

What is your best physical feature?

"The problem is, being a ballet dancer you're trained to be incredibly critical of yourself – you work extensively on all of your physical imperfections."

Worst habit as a dancer?

"My arms aren't aesthetically pleasing in lines, more often than not. But my arms and my hands, I'd say."

On-stage most embarrassing moment?

"Ha! I was once performing Tosca at the Royal Opera House and at the end of the play Tosca's lover gets shot. Well, I had to lead the march across the stage with 16 steps, stop, turn, raise our muskets and shoot Tosca's lover. I was fine up until the final show, which was broadcast live, when I only took 14 steps and threw the entire rest of the firing squad behind me off their steps. I just died!"

How you got into dance?

"Well, I started because my best mate as a child used to go off and do classes on a Saturday morning, and when I asked my mother she said he was going to ballet classes, and at that age – I was four, at the time – you just don't think about it, so I started going and that's where it all began."

Where did you train?

"When I was 11 I went to White Lodge for a year, then I went to Arts Ed up to the age of 18."

What is your favourite type of dance?

"Morris dancing, obviously! Joke – when you do ballet, it really has to be a love and a passion. I love watching the body poppers, it's fascinating and I could watch it all day, but to see something pure as a ballet dancer you can see the grace of it all, and when they take off they really fly. I find that beautiful."

What is it like working on a TV show?

"Everyone we're working here with is fantastic. Really amazing people. I'm feeling quite sad because I know it'll end, but I'll have amazing memories. I'm absolutely loving it."

Have you bonded with the other contestants?

"At the moment it's fine, everyone seems very supportive of one another. It'll be interesting to see how the group dynamics develop over the next few weeks as we put in the long hours."

Are the judges as scary as they seem?

"I think I'm my harshest judge – so I'm ready for anything they can throw at me."

What are your future plans?

"Well, I've never been to America, so that would be amazing – but it's not about the performance in America, it's about the opportunities that can come from being part of this show. I'm happy to be performing, whether it's in front of 10 people or a thousand people, and if this gives me an opportunity to do another show, I'll be happy, because I'm happy when I'm performing."

Why did you enter this competition?

"Because my girlfriend told me to!"

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