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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance 2

Series 2!

The search for Britain's favourite dancer is back! Auditions have already taken place in Manchester, Glasgow, London, Cardiff and Belfast. We will now be holding final auditions in:

LONDON: SUNDAY 21st NOVEMBER from 8.30am – 7.00pm at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6AB (Nearest Tube is Aldgate East / Hammersmith & City Line one stop from Liverpool Street, and District Line).

BELFAST: SATURDAY 13th NOVEMBER from 9am – 2.30pm at LA Fitness, 22 Adelaide Street, Belfast. BT2 8GD

CARDIFF: SUNDAY 14th NOVEMBER from 12pm – 7pm at Esporta Cardiff, Welsh National Tennis Centre, Ocean Way, Cardiff, CF24 5HF.


All auditions are open auditions, but if you would like to register, please contact us on 020 8225 6240* or email
Registering prior to an audition may help to reduce waiting time.

*Standard geographic charges apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider’s call package. Calls from mobiles may be higher.

If you are part of a group/partnership please bear in mind that you will be judged individually, and from the call-backs onwards you will be competing on your own.

The BBC reserves the right to change audition dates and locations. You are advised to check the website for any information updates.

ID (ONE of the following)
• Drivers license (if you have a paper driving license you must also bring
additional photo ID)
• Passport
• Birth certificate (with additional photo ID).
• Music – in the event that you are asked to perform a solo (please see the music section below for details).

In your audition:
• You will be asked to dance in a group with other auditionees.
• You may be asked to perform a piece of choreography created by our team and presented to you on the day.
• You may also be asked to perform a solo of your own creation, to your own choice of music. It must be no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds, so please make sure you have a piece of choreography to perform and you have your music with you. (See below for music details).
Please come prepared for all of the above.

NB. If the style of your solo dance requires a partner, please see below for competing/ non-competing dance partner information.

For the solo auditions, if your dance style requires a partner, you can be accompanied by either a non-competing or competing dance partner:

• Non-Competing Dance Partners:
You can be accompanied to the audition by a non-competing dance partner, who will dance with you for your solo performance, but will not be judged themselves. Non-competing dance partners must also be over 18 before or on 16/04/2011. All non-competing dance partners will also have to complete and sign an audition release form prior to taking the stage, and their performance footage may be featured in the programme. They must also bring photo identification. (See ‘what to bring’ on the previous page.)

• Competing Dance Partners:
Competing dance partners are permitted to accompany each other in the solo auditions. You may have two separate auditions, with each individual being judged separately.

You may be asked to perform a short piece of choreography to your own choice of music that is no longer than 1 minute 30 seconds, please make sure you have a performance piece prepared and that you bring your music with you.

• We recommend that you bring at least 2 options of songs/ music that you can dance to.
• All audition music must be brought in CD format.
• These music tracks should not contain either sexually explicit or overly violent lyrics.
• In order to ensure that the music is of a good quality, we also recommend you bring the songs on a CD that has been bought commercially.
• For our clearance purposes you must provide the record label and information for all music (which can be found on the CD). Songs downloaded from the internet, or a contestant created mix, are less likely to be cleared for use on TV. In this event, or any other in which we deem your music choices unsuitable, we will ask you to perform to one of the tracks from our lists.

Please try to arrive at the audition venue as close to the when the doors open as possible. If you are unable to get there for that time, please come along as early as you can. We would advise you to be there at least 90 minutes before the doors close to give you the best chance of being seen, however we will endeavour to see everyone, (although if you arrive once the doors are closed this may be unlikely). If we experience an unprecedented number of auditionees, we will endeavour to make arrangements to see you at an alternative venue.
We apologise if this happens but we cannot accept liability for any consequences of this happening.
Please check the website for information regarding the times for each location.

Please note that these could be long days. We recommend you wear appropriate clothing, as you may have to queue outside. Toilet facilities will be available, but we are unable to provide childcare facilities. We cannot provide refreshments for you and whilst there may be facilities to obtain refreshments at your own cost at the venue we cannot guarantee this and you are strongly advised to bring your own food and drink with you.

If you consider yourself to have a disability and require any extra help, support or advice for your audition, please have a word with any of the audition team as soon as you arrive.

We recommend that you keep your whole day free.

For filming purposes, you must not wear any article of clothing with visible designer, sports or any other name, logos and/or artwork subject to protection by copyright or trademark laws, or clothing showing the name and/or likeness of a celebrity, living or dead.
i.e. please avoid clothing with heavy branding, logos, photographic images, or cartoon characters.

The BBC reserves the right to refuse you an audition at any time at its sole discretion and will not be required to give any reason for such refusal.


Please note that by attending the audition, whether you are in the queue or in the venue, you are giving your consent to be filmed as part of the programme.

Good luck!

Please keep an eye on the site for all the latest audition information.

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Charlie Bruce

Charlie Bruce named Britain's Favourite Dancer

After six weeks of explosive performances, exhausting rehearsals under the tutelage of some of the dance world's leading choreographers, and dramatic judgements, Charlie Bruce has been named Britain's Favourite Dancer, and crowned the winner of the first series of BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance.

Following a dramatic final week which saw fellow-finalist Robbie White withdraw from the competition, due to an injury sustained in rehearsal, tension was fever-pitch between the remaining three finalists as they headed in to tonight's Grand Final.

Performing Pop Jazz, Tango, Hip Hop, Samba, Lyrical, Broadway, Jazz and Contemporary routines in groups and couples, as well as their all-important solos, the finalists had their work cut out to impress the viewers at home and get the chance to dance on the US show and take home the £100,000 prize.

Standing in for Robbie, who appeared at the start of the show with host Cat Deeley, were former contestants Alastair Postlethwaite, Mark Calape and Drew McOnie in routines partnered with the competing finalists.

McOnie later teamed up with former dance partner Hayley Newton to perform the Judges' Favourite dance from the series – their much-loved Contemporary 'Bed' routine performed in Week 2, choreographed by Raphael Bonachela.

After all the performances, the judges reflected on the performances of the evening.

Nigel Lythgoe said: "All the dancers were inspirational and, I think, for series two, it's going to inspire all the dancers sitting out there wondering if they'll audition. They're all going to get up and audition after tonight... any one of these three are worthy winners, and the whole point of not just the £100,000 but actually going to Hollywood to expose their talents to 20 million people and work with all those choreographers... it's a chance in a lifetime."

For Arlene Phillips, it was "a battle of the girls, and Lizzie tonight in Sweet Dreams – her acting was absolutely phenomenal... that edged it for me."

Louise Redknapp agreed it was all about Girl Power: "I'm along with Arlene on this one and I think Lizzie in Sweet Dreams and Charlie in the lyrical."

Sisco Gomez, however, sided with Tommy, saying that his routine with returning dancer Mark was the highlight: "That Hip Hop was representing."

After the couples' performances, each dancer performed a solo to showcase why they should be named Britain's Favourite Dancer.

On Lizzie's solo, Louise said: "Let me say this is not a one-horse race! Lizzie, your solo every week is unique. Not many people can spin on their head the way you did. You are a strong, edgy, cool, exciting dancer and I love you."

On Tommy's shirtless solo, Arlene said: "Tommy, what you do is unique. I have to say last week's solo was phenomenal, this week's solo was phenomenal too. You live, breathe, hear, feel and see music. And taking your shirt off too was pretty good."

On Charlie's solo, Arlene said: "Charlie, you have just changed tonight and grown through this series. That solo was one of your best. It wasn't necessarily your very best, but what you have done through the night is mega, honey. Mega."

Eliminated in third place was Lizzie Gough, leaving Tommy Franzen and Charlie to go head-to-head for the title.

Of Lizzie's time in the competition, Arlene said: "Never mind the audience ringing and voting, phones will be ringing for Lizzie right now from choreographers and producers to get this outstanding talent in some way. I know that."

Following her elimination, Lizzie said: "I think I've been lucky because I've had a different style every week and I've never had a bad routine. I'm still going to go to America and kick ass over there!"

Cat Deeley later announced the results and, after weeks of hard-work, it was announced that Britain's Favourite Dancer was Charlie!

Following the announcement, Nigel said: "I'm exhausted. To have seen Tommy and Charlie grow across this series has been wonderful. Both were spectacular this evening but, for me, Charlie edged it. I'm going to be so delighted to take her to America."

And the newly-crowned champion, an emotional and tearful Charlie, said: "I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you so much. I did it. I did it... I'll never forget this!"

The results show had performances from Robbie Williams singing the official Sport Relief single, Morning Sun; a group dance featuring the three finalists to I Gotta Feeling choreographed by Paul Domaine; as well as a spectacular routine reuniting all the show's former dancers to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

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Charlie Bruce

Charlie Bruce wins SYTYCD

So You Think You Can Dance, the BBC's hunt for the UK's best dancer, has been won by 19-year-old Charlie Bruce.

Charlie, from Leicester, won £100,000 and the opportunity to perform on the US version of the show.

She faced competition from just two other finalists, Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzen, after Robbie White was forced to pull out with a dislocated shoulder.

The final of the BBC One show also featured a live performance by Robbie Williams on his 36th birthday.

Williams, who sang the official Sport Relief single Morning Sun, could not resist showing off some of his own dance moves.

Afterwards, he told the show's host Cat Deeley: "I thought it was a chance to do a medley of all my dance routines."

The final saw each of the contestants perform six routines. In the absence of the injured Robbie White, former contestants who had been voted off in earlier weeks returned for routines in which they were partnered with the competing finalists.

The winner burst into tears when Deeley revealed she had won the most votes from the public and said she would "never forget" the experience.

The teenager said she was "absolutely speechless" at her success and, fighting back tears, added: "Thank you so much. I did it."

Tommy was voted into second place and Lizzie came third.

Arlene Phillips, who joined the show's judging panel following her controversial departure from Strictly Come Dancing, told Charlie: "You have just changed through the night and grown through the series. What you have done tonight is mega, honey, mega."

Fellow judge Nigel Lythgoe praised Charlie's "journey" and said the teenager "grew" throughout the series. He said her trip to Hollywood to perform on the US version of the show was the "chance of a lifetime".

Although So You Think You Can Dance was on its first series for the BBC, its US equivalent - also hosted by Deeley - is hugely successful with viewing figures of 20 million and is about to start a seventh series.


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Charlie Bruce

SYTYCD - Charlie wins!

Charlie Bruce has been crowned winner of BBC1's So You Think You Can Dance following a dramatic final on Saturday night.

The 19-year-old - who was the youngest dancer in the competition - beat fellow finalist Tommy Franzen, the bookies' favourite to win, into second place following the public vote.

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So You Think You Can Dance

SYTYCD it's the final!

The final of So You Think You Can Dance has seen the three remaining hopefuls perform six routines, both as soloists and part of a group.

Just three dancers - Lizzie Gough, Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce - took part in the final after the fourth finalist, Robbie White, was forced to pull out with a dislocated shoulder.

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Shock return to SYTYCD

Tarletonfarmer’s son Alastair Postlethwaite is back in BBC talent show So You Think You Can Dance after injury forced one of the finalists to pull out.

Alastair, 28, was sensationally reinstated in to the dance contest after Robbie White fell in rehearsals, dislocating his shoulder.

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Robbie White

SYTYCD - Dancer Robbie in injury shock

Robbie White's dream of becoming the UK’s favourite dancer is in jeopardy after he dislocated his shoulder. The Stockport 22-year-old was due to take part in the final of BBC One’s So You Think You Can Dance on Saturday night.

Contemporary dancer Robbie, from Church Lane, Marple, was due to be up against Charlie, Lizzie and Tommy as they danced it out for the £100,000 prize and a dream ticket to Hollywood to perform on the US version of the show

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Alastair Postlethwaite

Mandy and Alastair miss chance to dance in final

After performing in two couples and solo routines each in the semi-final show, viewer votes left Mandy & Lizzie and Alastair & Robbie having to "dance for their lives" in solos in front of the judges for their places in the grand final of BBC One's So You Think You Can Dance.

The four gave their all in the final 30 seconds to save their space in the competition and judges chose to eliminate Mandy and Alastair, sending Lizzie and Robbie through to next week's finale.

Tommy Franzen and Charlie Bruce progressed straight through to next week's final on viewers votes.

Of the girl's final dance, Nigel Lythgoe said: "Girls, we are unanimous in our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying how delighted we are in even seeing both of you in our top three dancers. You should know, the pair of you, how wonderful you have been across the series and we respect you as dancers. Congratulations."

"Lizzie we have seen not so much your technique as your personality grow across this series. You're very shy even though you're a performer and to see that personality start to come out now, I'm a little sorry it hasn't been before this. But you have never been here in the bottom two and you find yourself here in the most important week of this series.

"Mandy you said all the hard work would be worthwhile if you get to the grand final. All the hard work has been worthwhile, but let me say I am ever so sorry you haven't made the grand final this year."

Of the boy's final dance, Nigel said: "Gentlemen we are again unanimous with our decision this evening. We are also unanimous in saying the pair of you are inspirational to guys out there thinking whether they should start dancing or not. Both of you are wonderful ambassadors for the world of dance.

"Alastair, how on earth you got into ballet I'll never know. I love the fact you still go down the pub with your mates... if you got a body like that from drinking beer, people would be drinking more beer! You have been brilliant in this series, you have been incredible. Tonight, though, for the first time I think I have seen someone dancing for their life and that was Robbie, and he overwhelmed you with his performance. He really looked like he was dancing for his life, and I am sorry but you won't be staying with us."

After her elimination Mandy said: "Before I start crying I just want to thank everybody who has helped me – I'm the blubbering American, I'm sorry. Everybody who has helped me get this far. Everybody who dances, keep dancing. It's worth it."

After his elimination Alastair said, on what has made his experience: "These people, these guys I've been working with – thank you everyone."

The results show had a performance from Leona Lewis, and a group dance featuring all six finalists to Big Spender choreographed by Karen Bruce.

Next week the remaining four dancers will be performing to win the competition, take home the £100,000 cash prize, get the chance to dance in Hollywood, and be named Britain's Favourite Dancer. The grand final guest performer will be Robbie Williams.

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