News Flash: Ray Quinn is the winner of the final DOI

  • Ray Quinn and Maria Filippov Winner
  • Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston 2nd
  • 3rd
  • Sam Attwater and Vicky Ogden 4th
  • Kyran Bracken and Nina Ulanova 5th
  • Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers 6th
  • Gareth Gates and Brianne Delcourt 7th
  • Bonnie Langford 8th
  • Zaraah Abrahams and Andrew Buchanan 9th
  • Todd Carty and Alexandra Schauman 10th
  • Gary Lucy and Katie Stainsby 11th
  • David Seaman and Frankie Poultney 12th
  • 13th
  • 14th

Charlotte settles claim against NOTW

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has settled her phone-hacking damages claim against News of the World publisher News Group Newspapers, the High Court has heard.

The resolution of the action brought by 25-year-old singer and her parents, James and Maria, came just days before it was due to be tried at London's High Court. Mr Justice Vos was due to consider the claim that 33 articles in the now defunct Sunday newspaper were the product of hacking into voicemails and had a negative impact on the family's business and her mother's health.


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