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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta to start a new career

Sinitta has revealed that she plans to make a shock career announcement. The singer has claimed that fans will be gobsmacked when they discover her latest project.

Writing on her Twitter page, Sinitta revealed that she is soon to make an announcement about a lucrative offer she has received.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta confirms pregnancy

Dancing on Ice star Sinitta has confirmed that she is expecting a baby, a report has claimed. The 80s pop star told a tabloid newspaper that she and partner Stefano Zagni are delighted with the news.

The `So Macho" singer has been dating the businessman since November, says the Daily Mirror.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta confesses that she nearly cried

Sinitta has confessed that she nearly broke down on live TV after being voted off Dancing on Ice. The 80s popstar went out in the first episode of the current series after failing to impress the viewers and judging panels with her ice dance skills.

Sinitta confessed that she was surprised by her emotional reaction to leaving the show at such an early stage.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta's Exit Interview

Holding the unwanted crown as the first person to leave this year’s Dancing on Ice, Sinitta admits that she feels cut down in [her] prime.

The 80’s popstar looked elegant in electric pink and scored a respectable first week score of 15 out of 30 with partner Andrei Lipanov as they performed to Beyonce’s Halo.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta's manhood worry

Sinitta was worried about cutting off her partner's manhood in Dancing On Ice.

The 'So Macho' singer - who was the first to be ejected from the ice-skating show on Sunday (10.01.10) - said she was concerned she would injure her Andrei Lipanov during the frog lift in her routine.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta says DOI judges 'made a mistake'

Dancing on Ice evictee has said that she will miss the camaraderie with her fellow contestants on the ice dance show.

The 80s popstar said that the backstage atmosphere on the show reminded her of working on The X Factor.

She told Digital Spy:"There's fantastic camaraderie on both, but what's been weird for me is being one of the contestants.

"I spend my time on X Factor feeding the judges, feeding the contestants, tweaking their performances, calming their nerves and just trying to usher them through the show.

"I'm helping other performers get onto their feet, so to be in that position myself was quite strange. Everything I say to encourage the X Factor contestants is true, but it's hard trying to apply it to yourself. You know, mastering your nerves is such an art form."

Sinitta also said that she believed that the judging panel had "made a mistake" in voting her off the show following her skate-off with Sharron Davies.

She said: "You know what, Sharron's amazing and I love her, but I know what Andrei and I had in the bag for the future. We had a really strong partnership and we really trusted each other."

She added: "I think the judges make a mistake because I know I have what it takes to become a good skater."

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Sinitta 'gutted and stunned'

Axed Dancing On Ice star and former girlfriend of Simon Cowell Sinitta has said she is gutted and stunned to be the first celeb to leave the show.

Some 10.2 million viewers tuned in to the show which started on ITV1 on Sunday.

The Sun reported that she wrote on her Twitter page: "So sorry everyone! I'm stunned, gutted and sad as I really enjoyed it."

She added that 'the frog lift got the better of me' and explained how much she admired fellow contestant Heather Mills, saying: "She is amazing."

Sinitta added: "I used to be staring at the legs. The first time we did show and tell, I'd be staring, literally going, 'Which leg is it?' Because you didn't know."

The former popstar appeared on This Morning today and ended up having a debate with Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner.

Sinitta said: "We had asked for the frog lift to be taken away and we spent one day where we did nothing but the frog lift and we only managed to do it two times out of the twenty and said we need to change it because it doesn't work with the routine.

"So then we were rehearsing a new routine that we were able to nail each time, and then at the last minute we were told that the frog lift is going back in."

But panelist Jason suggested that if Sinitta was struggling with the frog lift she should have thrown a 'diva strop' in rehearsals so that it was cut from the routine.

The singer responded: "Well I didn't have a diva strop as I thought they must believe in me, and maybe I can do it."

Sinitta managed the move the first time in the show but struggled when she was asked to perform her routine again.

She said: "I felt like I wanted to skate like it was the last time and do a great performance but my nerves - I'd been having nightmares about the frog lift since it went back in.

"So it was like my nightmare, I prophesied it for myself... I kept thinking I'm going to make sure I'm nowhere near Andres manhood and I went too wide and slipped off, but we kind of recovered, it's not like we fell on our faces. We tried to save it."

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Jason Gardiner

Sinitta's mum confronts Jason Gardiner

Outspoken Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner has revealed that he was confronted by Sinitta's mother following the skate-off on Sunday night.

The former 80s pop star was voted off the show after losing out in the skate-off with swimmer Sharron Davies.

The acid-tongued Aussie told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning that Sinitta's mum had taken him to task over his comments about her performance on the ice dance show.

Jason told Sinitta: "I got accosted by your mum. Deciding to vote against you was a very tough decision, one of the hardest I have ever had to make on Dancing on Ice.

"Then I had to face your mother. She is a formidable character."

Gardiner said that Sinitta's mum had given him a grilling about his decision to save Sharron Davies.

Jason added: "I told her, `There are three other people on the panel, but she blamed me."

Sinitta said that she was "gutted" to be voted off the reality dance contest on the first week.

She said: "All the months of training for just two minutes on the ice."

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Coleen Nolan

'I'm gutted for Sinitta' says Coleen Nolan

Former Dancing on Ice star Coleen Nolan has confessed that she was disappointed that Sinitta was voted off the show on the first night.

The Loose Women presenter said that she believed that the 80s pop star was a better skater than Sharron Davies.

She told the Daily Mirror: "It was so nice to be in the audience this time and not waiting in the tunnel, although I felt sick with nerves for them all. But it was a brilliant first show.

"I'm so gutted for Sinitta. Just one mistake, it's such bad luck.

"I thought she was a better skater than Sharron, who was pretty wobbly. But the standard was high. I'd heard Hayley was going to be fantastic and she was."

Coleen, who is to co-host the new Friday night spin-off show with Ben Shepard, said that she was astonished by the performance from EastEnders star Daniella Westbrook.

Nolan added: "The one who surprised me was Danniella and I'm pleased for Heather Mills."

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

DOI 10 - Sinitta is first to go!

Pop star Sinitta has become the first casualty of Dancing On Ice 2010 after losing out to Sharron Davies in the dreaded skate-off.

The So Macho singer got the boot despite a performance which had been praised by the panel earlier in the show.

Despite initially finishing higher up the judges' scoreboard than Davies, she came a cropper after making a mistake while reprising her routine - while Davies' performance improved.

And although the final vote was not unanimous, Sinitta lost out by four to one when the judges gave their verdict, with only newcomer Emma Bunton voting in her favour.

"I thought I knew exactly how that was going to go," said a surprised Karen Barber following the skate-off, "but the tables have turned."

And Jason Gardiner agreed. "It is very difficult, but you have to judge on what you see and no mistakes can be tolerated."

Afterwards Sinitta was unable to hide her shock and disappointment at being the first to leave.

"I had such high hopes for this, I was starting to love it," she said.

"I can hardly speak but it was an incredible experience."

Next Sunday's show will see the male celebrities making their debut on the ice, with one of them ultimately leaving the competition.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

So long Sinitta

No one wants to be the first to go, and Sinitta was no exception.

Having perfected the dangerously difficult Frog Lift in the first live show, the devastated star slipped in the skate-off and her blade slashed through partner Andrei's trousers.

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Sinitta and Andrei Lipanov

Mistake proves costly for Sinitta

Singer Sinitta was the first celebrity to be voted off Dancing on Ice tonight after a costly mistake in the skate-off.

The 'So Macho' pop star, 41, ripped her ice skating partner Andrei Lipanov's trousers when a lift went wrong.

After being told she was leaving the ITV1 show, a shocked Sinitta said: "I had such high hopes for this.

"I was starting to love it.

"I can hardly speak."

Joining her in the bid to avoid elimination was Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies.

But as Sinitta came to the end of her routine - performed to 'Halo' by Beyonce - the blade of her skate cut through her partner's trousers, leaving a hole in the material.

He was not hurt, but Sinitta was reduced to tears as she left the floor to speak to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

The judges said they had to make a decision based on the skate-off and all of them - apart from new addition to the panel Spice Girl Emma Bunton - voted to save Davies.

Also remaining in the show are Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills, EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook, actress Hayley Tamaddon, chef Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana Ramsay and Inbetweeners actress Emily Atack.

The seven male celebrities who will battle it out next Sunday are comedian and actor Bobby Davro, Boyzone singer Mikey Graham, GMTV's Dr Hilary Jones, actor Gary Lucy, Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson, actor Jeremy Sheffield and ex-Coronation Street actor Danny Young.

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