News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

DOI 10 - Skate-Off Statistics

Scores and Music

Each week the couples in the skate-off will be added to this list

Week 1 – Sharron & Pavel and Sinitta & Andrei
                Votes to save Sharron. Karen, Nicky, Jason, Robin. To save Sinitta, Emma
                Sinitta eliminated

Week 2
– Gary & Maria and Bobby & Molly
                All five judges voted to save Gary
                Bobby Davro eliminated

Week 3 – Sharron & Pavel and Jeremy & Susie
                All five judges voted to save Sharron
                Jeremy Sheffield eliminated

Week 4 – Danny & Frankie and Tana & Stuart
                All five judges voted to save Danny
                Tana Ramsay eliminated

Week 5 - Kieron & Brianne and Heather & Matt
                Votes to save Kieron. Karen, Jason, Emma, Robin. To save Heather, Nicky
                Heather Mills eliminated

Week 6 – Danny & Frankie and Hilary & Alexandra
                All five judges voted to save Danny
                Dr Hilary Jones eliminated

Week 7 – Emily & Fred and Sharron & Pavel
                All five judges voted to save Emily
                Sharron Davies eliminated

Week 8 – Danniella & Matthew and Emily & Fred
                 Votes to save Danniella, Karen, Jason, Emma, Robin. To save Emily, Nicky
                 Emily Atack eliminated

Week 9 – Danniella & Matthew and Mikey & Melanie
                 Votes to save Daniella, Karen, Emma, Robin. To save Mikey, Nicky, Jason
                 Mikey Graham eliminated

Week 10 – Kieron & Brianne and Danny & Frankie
                  Votes to save Kieron, Nicky, Jason, Emma, Robin. To save Danny, Karen
                  Danny Young eliminated

Week 11 –Gary & Maria and Danniella & Matthew
                  Votes to save Gary, Karen, Nicky, Robin. To save Danniella, Jason, Emma
                  Danniella Westbrook eliminated.

Week 12 – Gary & Maria and Kieron & Brianne.
                  The public voted to save Gary & Maria                  
                  Kieron Richardson eliminated

Result – Hayley & Dan v Gary & Maria
               The public voted Hayley & Dan into first place



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