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Dr Hilary edges his way to dance survival

Hilary Jones and Alexandra Schaumann

He may not have taken to the ice like a duck to water, but Dr Hilary Jones has still got his skates on after the public got behind him when he took part in ITV1 show Dancing on Ice.

The Hampshire Clinic GP and GMTV resident doctor gained so few votes from the panel of judges last Sunday that he came second from bottom on the scoreboard with just 11.5 points out of a possible 30.


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Dancing on Ice star Hilary Jones has revealed that backstage of the show was beginning to seem like a scene from Casualty. The GMTV doctor was voted off the skating competition on Sunday night.

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Dancing on Ice reject Dr Hilary Jones has claimed that Jason Gardiner made cruel comments about the performances of the celebrity contestants on the ice dance show, says a report.