News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Ray Quinn Winner
  • Donal MacIntyre 2nd
  • Jessica Taylor 3rd
  • Coleen Nolan 4th
  • Zöe Salmon 5th
  • Roxanne Pallett 6th
  • Melinda Messenger 7th
  • Ellery Hanley 8th
  • Todd Carty 9th
  • Michael Underwood 10th
  • Jeremy Edwards 11th
  • Gemma Bissix 12th
  • Graeme Le Saux 13th

Dancing on Ice 2009

Dancing on Ice 2009

Donal gets back on the ice

Dancing on Ice star Donal McIntyre has returned to the ice after a two-week break to recover from the injuries he sustained during the finals of the competition.

It has been reported that he has been practicing in preparation to appear on the live tour in Wembley.

Donal said: "I was in severe pain and I couldn't skate for about two weeks but I have gone back on the ice in preparation for the tour. I am doing a couple of days in Wembley."

The Irishman confessed that he was a late-edition to the popular live tour as bosses thought that he would not be good enough to participate.

He explained: "They had signed-up people about half way through the show and the tour organisers said 'Listen Donal we are making a decision, we don't think that you are going to make it very far and we may be wrong', and I was delighted to prove them wrong but... I think that they were obliged to take myself and Florentine on for at least part of the tour."

He added: "I was keen to do at least some of the tour because Florentine, if she is able to drag her man from being a hopeless beginner to the Bolero, then she deserves some extra work. The professionals work so hard."

The investigative journalist, who finished as runner-up to Ray Quinn, admitted that he thought that he would never make it through to contest the title.

Donal said: "It was all very nervous, from being in the first and the last skate-off and starting off myself and Todd rubbing our beer bellies and praying for some corsets to survive our spandex and sequins.

He added: "Making it all the way to the final was a fantastic achievement for me and for Florentine. We enjoyed every second, it was a very special journey."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Zoe dreading end of tour

Dancing on Ice star Zoe Salmon has said that she is having a fantastic time on the live tour.

The former Blue Peter presenter told Digital Spy that she was "loving" competing with Ray Quinn and Chris Fountain.

She said: "The tour is going really's all go and I'm absolutely loving it.

"I thought it be would loads and loads of fun and there would be no nerves at all.

"But it's still nerve-wracking every time you go out there because it's the ice and you just don't know what's going to happen."

She added: "I'm absolutely loving it, though."

Zoe explained that there was a keen competitive spirit among the celebrity contestants on the tour.

She said: "I think that there is a bit of healthy rivalry which is really good and quite entertaining for the audience.

"In a couple of the finals so far on the tour, it's been Ray Quinn and Chris Fountain and it's always interesting to see who is going to come out on top."

However, Zoe said that she is not looking forward to the end of the tour as it will create a "void" in her life.

She added: "The tour is just delaying that void in my life when it's all over. What is going to happen when the tour ends? I'm going to have to go to Ice-skaters Anonymous or something!"


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Zoe and boyfriend split

Zoe Salmon's relationship with Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy is officially over.

Gerard has said that the couple have agreed to part after being together for nearly two years.

He admitted: "I suppose it's just one of those things, but there are plenty more salmon in the sea!"

But it hasn't taken the Belfast man long to get over the split, he was spotted getting close to professional dancer Jeanette Taylor at a star-studded awards ceremony on Friday night, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

He said: "Zoe and I are not together anymore and as I didn't talk about our relationship when we were together, I'm not about to start now.

"Jeanette is a very good friend of mine and she's a very beautiful woman."

The Hollyoaks actor has apparently been friends with Taylor for many years.

A friend said: "Gerard and Janette worked together on Saturday Night Fever with Kym Marsh and have always been very good friends.

"They have a great chemistry together and make a perfect couple."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Now Zoe is after Fern's job

Dancing on Ice star Zoe Salmon has said that she wants to take over from Fern Britton on This Morning.

The former Blue Peter presenter told Sunday Life that she would love to cosy up to Phillip Schofield on the famous sofa.

She said: "Of course, I'd love it if they asked me to do it."

The 29-year-old is hopeful that her four-year stint as resident daredevil on the children's show will put her firmly in the running for the £750,000 presenting job.

Zoe added: "It's a magazine-style show just like Blue Peter, which I really loved doing."

Recent reports claimed that Phillip Schofield will get to choose Fern's replacement and a number of star names have come forward to say they are interested in the job including Myleene Klass, Holly Willoughby, Melanie Sykes, Emma Forbes and Coleen Nolan.

Zoe has been keen to promote a change to her image and the former Miss Northern Ireland is currently the cover girl for the latest edition of FHM magazine.

Zoe said: "Only 12 girls a year are picked to grace the cover of FHM and my body has never been in better shape."

She added: "So why shouldn't I choose to celebrate my curves?"


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Gareth Gates welcomes baby girl

Singer Gareth Gates has become a father for the first time after his wife Suzanne gave birth to a baby girl.

Their daughter, Missy, was born on Monday morning and weighed 7lb 8oz.

Gates, who shot to fame after he was on talent show Pop Idol and starred in the second series of Dancing on Ice, is currently starring in the West End in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

"We are so excited. Missy is beautiful and we can't wait to spend time together as a family," the 24-year-old singer said.

Gates overcame a stammer to become runner-up in Pop Idol in 2002.

He went on to notch up four number one singles but his second album, released in 2003, had disappointing sales and he was eventually dropped by record label Sony BMG.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Now Ruthie takes to the ice

Dancing on Ice judge Ruthie Henshall has said that she is going to take skating lessons.

The 42-year-old actress told The Sun that she had decided to learn the discipline of figure skating after two years of criticising the efforts of the celebrity contestants.

Ruthie revealed that she is being taught how to perform on the ice by fellow judges Karen Barber and Robin Cousins.

She said: "Robin and Karen have said they will take me out on the ice and show me a few skills."

Henshall also admitted that she thought that it would be fun if the other "non skaters" on the show took to the ice in next year's competition.

She added: "Really it should be me, Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and Jason Gardiner who should be doing the skating next time."

However, earlier this year it was revealed that Phillip Schofield is not allowed to dance on ice because producers cannot afford to pay to insure the presenter.

A source close to Schofield told The Sun: "Phillip really loves the show. He's been itching to get on the ice for years and now he's finally learning.

"But he can't believe bosses aren't letting him because of red tape. He's really gutted."

In a recent entry on his blog, Phillip told fans that he was determined to learn to skate after three years of watching from the rinkside.

He wrote: "Hmmm, this skating lark is much tougher than it looks. We're one step closer to me one day delivering that mythical `link on ice'.

"Maybe not this series but one day I will skate on that famous rink."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Jason too scared to appear on Ice tour

Dancing on Ice star Roxanne Pallett has claimed that judge Jason Gardiner pulled out of the live tour because he is afraid of facing the public.

The 26-year-old told newspapers that Jason decided not to join the popular nationwide tour because he was frightened that he would face public outcry over his acid-tongued comments.

She explained: "It's simple - TV bosses told him they could not provide security to the level he wanted, but the reality is he is too weak to face the real fans!"

Pallett and Gardiner rowed throughout the last series of the show and things came to a head when the outspoken Aussie compared Roxanne to a "Cabbage Patch Doll".

Roxanne recently claimed that all the celebrity contestants on the show were pleased that Jason would not be participating in the tour.

She said: "We're all relieved Jason isn't going to be there.

"It's nice knowing you're not going to get absolutely slated in front of your family and friends."

It has been reported that Gardiner declined a role on the judging panel after he could not agree terms with the promoters of the live show.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Former Dancing on Ice Star seeing Harry

Prince Harry enjoyed a night on the tiles with Dancing on Ice star Natalie Pinkham, according newspaper reports.

The prince and the TV presenter were snapped by paparazzi on a night out clubbing in London on Saturday.

The pair reportedly partied through the night until they went back to a friend's flat in Mayfair- which they eventually left at 4.30am.

The newspaper claimed that they left separately but just minutes apart in a move to apparently avoid being photographed together.

One onlooker said: "There were a lot of phone calls and the pair of them were laughing.

"They are clearly great mates and saw the funny side."

Harry has been single since he was dumped by girlfriend Chelsy Davy who was reportedly tired of his playboy lifestyle.

In 2006 Harry incurred Chelsy's wrath after he allegedly gave Natalie a goodnight kiss at a party.

Chelsy was "infuriated" by the indiscretion as Harry was said to be smitted with the Dancing on Ice star before he started dating Davy.

A source said: "She is one of his oldest and best friends and will always be there for him."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Roxy, Jess & Mel have fun on tour

Roxanne Pallett has said that the Dancing on Ice girls plan to cause "as much trouble as they can" during the nationwide live tour.

The former Emmerdale star told The Star that she has formed a team with Jessica Taylor and Melinda Messenger and said that they see the tour as their "playtime".

She said: "Me, Melinda and Jess went out for cocktails and decided that the show was part one and the tour is part two - and part two is where all the action happens.

"It's our playtime. We've done our apprenticeship, our homework, our hard work.

"We know the ice and know the routines."

She added: "I can't wait to skate in front of a million people, then go out and celebrate afterwards!"

Roxanne recently revealed that she is relieved that Jason Gardiner is not on the judging panel for the show.

Roxy said: "We're all relieved Jason isn't going to be there.

"It's nice knowing you're not going to get absolutely slated in front of your family and friends."

The former Emmerdale actress sparked a feud with Jason when she called for him and Ruthie Henshall to be sacked following her elimination from the contest.

Speaking at the time, she said: "You might as well have two blow-up dolls on their chairs.

"I think his comments are tiresome. It's like he reads children's books to come up with insults."

She added: "Jason is like a poor man's Simon Cowell."

However, Gardiner laughed off her latest attack, he said: "I can guarantee I'm happier about it than she is because I'll be sunning myself in Ibiza."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Ray would do another reality show

Dancing on Ice champion Ray Quinn has said that appearing on the skating contest was more challenging than competing in The X Factor.

Speaking at the launch of a new aquarium Sharkbait Reef at the Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, he said that he had to work hard to learn to dance on the ice.

He said: "I had literally retrain myself, all that training that I had done since I was three years old had to go out the window.

"The X factor and Dancing on Ice they are both such different experiences.

"Dancing on Ice for me has probably been the most challenging because it is completely outside my comfort zone...but I loved every second of it."

He added: "The same with The X Factor, it has given me a great stepping stone in life.

The 20-year-old also revealed that he was still keen to appear in another reality TV show but ruled out a stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

He confessed: "I'd definitely do another reality TV show celebrity but probably not I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

"I'd actually die or faint or do something. I literally can't go near creepy would be quite fun."

He added: "Celebrity Big Brother is a big no no."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Ray & Chris warned about ice rivalry

Dancing on Ice bosses have warned Ray Quinn and Chris Fountain to tone down their on-ice rivalry amid safety fears.

Executives are concerned that their competitiveness may lead to them taking dangerous and unnecessary risks during the live tour.

Chris Fountain told The Star that he had vowed to defeat the reigning champion.

The 21-year-old actor admitted that he was determined to beat Ray and said that he has spent many hours on the ice to get back to top form.

He said: "Ray's very good, but the battle is on.

"Hopefully I'll be the overall winner at the end."

Ray, who will resume his championship winning partnership with Maria Filippov, played down the threat from the former Hollyoaks star.

Ray said: "He does his thing and I have my own tricks.

"We will just go out there and do our best and try not to be too dangerous."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Coleen not asked to share sofa with Phil

Coleen Nolan appeared to rule herself out of the job of replacing Fern Britton on the This Morning sofa.

Coleen confessed to Lorraine Kelly on GMTV that she was not in the running to take over from the presenter who plans to quit the show in the summer.

She said: "I have not even thought about that to be honest to you.

"I am always happy for a new challenge but I am happy where I am and in all honesty I haven't been asked."

She added: "So who knows?"

The 44-year-old presenter told Lorraine that she had enjoyed making a new documentary programme for The Truth About Beauty which examined the obsession with looking young.

Coleen explained: "It was a really interesting programme to make because there is this obsession with it. I mean the women that I met are obsessed with stopping the ageing process. My whole point was, why?

"We all get old and we have lines for a reason...they're called laughter lines because we've laughed in our lives."

Coleen said that there was a tendency for some people to "take the surgery too far".

She said: "They start off with a bit here (on the face) and then they become obsessed with it.

"A few years ago if you wanted to feel better about yourself you looked at your diet, you looked at your would eat more fruit, but now it's just. `I am going to book into somewhere and get it done, now!'

She added: "That's what scares me."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Coleen shocked into stopping smoking

Truth About Beauty star Coleen Nolan got a shocking glimpse of how her smoking habit will ruin her looks on the show last night, according to newspaper reports

The 44-year old Loose Women got the "shock of her life" after Harley Street medics showed her photos of how having 40 cigarettes a day will dramatically age her skin.

The photos were made by doctors for tonight's The Truth About...Eternal Youth, a documentary about people's obsession with looking young.

The pictures, made by facial imaging artist Auriole Prince, shocked Coleen so much that she has vowed to quit smoking.

She said: "It was quite shocking. I know that smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your skin. I am hoping to give up very soon.

"That is my plan and I am going out to buy nicotine patches because it is a promise I made to my daughter.

"Also I was amazed about the amount of sun damage my face had. I'm not a sunworshipper but I was shocked at the damage I had.

"People think it is just from lying in the sun, but it is just from daylight and you are still getting UV rays on to your skin."

Coleen admitted that making the show had altered her perception about beauty and the desire to look young.

She said: "It has made me notice everything about myself because during the making of the programme I had to scrutinise every line on my face."

She added: "I used to go round thinking I am quite happy with my lot.

I hope I'll look better than these pictures, otherwise I'll have to buy lots of make up.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Roxanne & Jason feuding again

Former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett has restarted a feud with 'Dancing On Ice' judge Jason Gardiner.

In response to the news that Gardiner is not going to be appearing on the show's live tour this year Pallett told the Daily Star "We're all relieved Jason isn't going to be there. It's nice knowing you're not going to get absolutely slated in front of your family and friends."

Pallett had been very critical following her elimination of some of the comments made by Gardiner about her during the show and called for him to be sacked. She was also critical of judge Ruthie Henshall. In response Gardiner had branded the actress 'ungracious'.

Ray Quinn eventually won the series with journalist Donal MacIntyre taking the runner-up spot.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Kevin will not leave Jessica for 11 weeks again

Kevin Pietersen insists he remains totally committed to playing for England, but says he will no longer go on extended tours without his wife.

The batsman caused a storm last week when he admitted he was 'at the end of his tether' - and it was revealed he had been refused permission to briefly return home from the West Indies after feeling homesick.

However, Pietersen, who has been cleared to play in Friday's one-day series decider in St Lucia after an injury scare, has re-iterated his commitment to playing for his adopted country.

By saying I'm at the end of my tether was not a case of wanting to leave the tour,' he said. 'Everyone said I wanted to leave but it's not that case at all.

'What never came out was how desperate I am to win games for England,' said the South African-born batsman.

Pietersen has admitted the main factor in his unhappiness this winter has been the 11-week absence from his wife Jessica, who was unable to fly out with the other wives earlier in the tour because of her participation in ITV's Dancing on Ice.

Pietersen said: 'I won't be without my wife for 11 weeks ever again.'

Despite openly admitting his homesickness, Pietersen will be spending just a week in the UK before flying out to South Africa to fulfil a lucrative contract with Bangalore Royal Challengers in the Indian Premier League.

But the 28-year-old has no difficulty in reconciling the apparent conflict, adding: 'What happens in two weeks is a totally different kettle of fish.

'It's not a case of playing cricket for money. I'm going to learn, play with the best in the world and improve my game.'


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Jessica's husband "at the end of his tether"

England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has said that he is "at the end of his tether" and is desperately missing his wife Jessica Taylor.

The 28-year-old, who is currently on tour in the Caribbean, told the Daily Mail that he had found the trip especially difficult as he has hardly seen Jess since she signed up to Dancing on Ice.

He explained: "Jess has been doing this television show, training for it since October, and this is the longest we've been away from each other since we met.

"It's been a heck of a tough time and I'm at the end of my tether now.

"It's killing me. I'm ready to do a Robinho and disappear back home!"

He added: "But we have three games to go and then it will be time for a fresh challenge. Really and truly I can't wait to get home."

Meanwhile, Jessica has announced that that she plans to give up skating after the Dancing on Ice live tour to concentrate on relaunching her music career.

Jessica told the Daily Mirror earlier this week that she has formed a new band called "Danger Minx" with her former Liberty X colleague Kelly Young.

She said: "It's an electropop group which means it's going to be pretty uptempo stuff, very dancey...the sort of thing you hear in clubs."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Workaholic Ray looking forward to tour

Ray Quinn has said that he "can't wait" for the start of the Dancing On Ice live tour which begins at the Sheffield Arena next week.

He told the Sheffield Telegraph that winning the title has given his career a positive boost.

He said: "It's fantastic for your career but at the end of the day it was more about having the chance to get up close to Christopher and Jayne.

"So I said yes I want to do it just because of the pleasure of doing it.

"I am a competitive person, more than most and I push myself to the limits but I think it was as much about responding to Christopher's enthusiasm."

Ray will head the celebrity line-up for Torvill & Dean's Dancing on Ice tour: The Bolero 25th Anniversary Tour, along with Kyran Bracken, Todd Carty, Chris Fountain, Melinda Messenger, Roxanne Pallett, Zoe Salmon, Suzanne Shaw and Jessica Taylor.

After the five-week tour he will go straight back into the West End musical Grease where he will now play the role of Danny.

Ray said: "I know it makes me sound a bit of a workaholic but Grease has been a dream of mine since I was a little boy."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Roxanne failed to meet Zac Efron

Dancing On Ice star Roxanne Pallett was left embarrassed this week when she tried to introduce herself to Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron.

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne, 26, made a beeline for hunky Zac, 21 at the premiere of his new movie 17 Again in London's Leicester Square on Thursday night.

But the High School Musical star's burly security clearly did not realise Roxy was more than a crazed fan and turned her away. My spy on the red carpet said: "Roxanne was desperately trying to get Zac's attention.

"She was clearly hoping to get a personal introduction to him.

"But his security were having none of it and told her straight to go away. It was pretty embarrassing.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Jessica 'absolutely gutted' not to do Bolero

Jessica Taylor is hoping that musical success with her new band will take away the disappointment over her third place in Dancing on Ice.

She told the Lichfield Mercury that she had been devastated that she did not get to dance the Bolero.

Jessica said: "Of course I was gutted, absolutely gutted. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. It was Mother's Day and my mum was there to watch me and I really wanted to dance the Bolero in the final.

"I love the dance and the costume. But I'm looking forward to doing it on tour."

Jessica's best friend Kelli Young said: "It was such a waste of a costume - her Bolero outfit was amazing and she had a fabulous washboard stomach to go with it."

Taylor revealed earlier this week that she and Kelli, who were both in Liberty X, have formed their own girl group called Danger Minx.

Kelli explained: "We both love the word minx and we knew we wanted to call ourselves something to with that, and danger just sounded right. After Liberty X split up I had some time off but then I started recording in the studio and Jessica came to join me and we just worked really well together."

Jessica said she is going to concentrate on music after the end of the Dancing on Ice live tour. Danger Minx are currently unsigned but the girls are hoping to release their new music in the immediate future.

Jessica said: "The tour shouldn't get in the way and our music is really current. It should be great."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Will Holly join Phillip on This Morning?

Bookies are already speculating that Dancing on Ice host Holly Willoughby will replace Fern Britton as the co-presenter on This Morning.

Fern recently announced that she will leave the morning chat show when the present series finishes for the summer holidays in July.

She was angered at reports which claimed that she was leaving after becoming annoyed at the discrepancy in pay between her and Phillip Schofield.

Speaking on This Morning, Fern said: "Thank you so much for all your lovely messages. This is my first chance to tell you personally that I'm leaving.

"I realise that people like to speculate rather hurtfully it has to be said.

"But the real reason is that 10 years is a long time on any show and I'm ready for a change.

"Working with Phil has been magical. But I also have another Phil in my life and I want to slow down a little bit and enjoy life a bit.

"My immediate plan is to build a vegetable plot in the autumn and to become a This Morning viewer and I'll be cheering on whoever the lucky person is who'll be working with Phillip, because he is, after all, simply the best."

Bookmakers William Hill say that Ruth Langsford is their current evens favourite to land the job but a spokesman for the firm is lobbying for Dancing on Ice host Holly Willoughby.

Rupert Adams said: "What a wake up call! Please, please can we have Holly?"

Holly is currently 16/1 for the position on the sofa beside Phillip.

The other ladies in the running are:

Fiona Phillips 4/1, Kate Garraway 10/1, Cheryl Cole 66/1, Ulrika Jonsson 20/1, Fiona Bruce 25/1, Natasha Kaplinsky 20/1, Lisa Tarbuck 25/1, Fearne Cotton 33/1.


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