News Flash: The winners of Srictly 2014 are Caroline and Pasha

  • Ray Quinn Winner
  • Donal MacIntyre 2nd
  • Jessica Taylor 3rd
  • Coleen Nolan 4th
  • Zöe Salmon 5th
  • Roxanne Pallett 6th
  • Melinda Messenger 7th
  • Ellery Hanley 8th
  • Todd Carty 9th
  • Michael Underwood 10th
  • Jeremy Edwards 11th
  • Gemma Bissix 12th
  • Graeme Le Saux 13th

Dancing on Ice 2009

Dancing on Ice 2009

Jessica Taylor expecting baby

After helping England's one-day side to victory against his native South Africa on Sunday - though his contribution was more modest than usual - flamboyant cricketer Kevin Pietersen has another reason to celebrate.

He and his pop star wife Jessica Taylor are, I can reveal, expecting their first child. And the batsman, whose Ashes-winning heroics put Australia to the sword in 2005, is said to be 'ecstatic and thrilled'.




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Dancing on Ice 2009

Ray Quinn banned from driving

West End star Ray Quinn was today banned from driving for 28 days and fined £1,600 after he was caught speeding.

The Dancing On Ice champion and former X Factor runner-up, who is currently playing the role of Danny Zuko in Grease, was spotted doing 110mph in his Audi TT on the M6 Toll Road near to Cannock, Staffs.



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Dancing on Ice 2009

Holly is the new This Morning host

Former children's TV presenter Holly Willoughby has been confirmed as the new co-host of ITV1's This Morning.

She will take over from Fern Britton, who leaves the flagship daytime show later this week.

Phillip Schofield, who worked with Willoughby on Dancing with Ice, said she was "at the top of everybody's list to pick up where Fern leaves off".

Willoughby said in a statement that This Morning had "always been the ultimate dream job for me".

"To spend my days sat next to Phil on the sofa just makes it that bit extra special," she added.

"Now I just can't wait for it all to start."

Champagne celebration

Writing on his website, Schofield said: "She filled in a few months ago and, from that moment on, everybody knew she was the obvious number one choice."

He said the "the deal was done" at 1430 BST on Wednesday, just as he was having his photograph taken at the show's studios "for the opening titles for the new series".

"Holly immediately jumped into a car and came to the This Morning studios where we all had a couple of bottles of bubbly waiting for her arrival," he added.

Willoughby, 28, began her career as a children's TV presenter on programmes including ITV1 show Ministry of Mayhem.

Earlier this year, she had her first child, Harry, with husband Dan Baldwin, a TV executive.

She will begin her new presenting role in September.

Britton, 51, is leaving the show after 10 years to "explore other things" and to "spend more time with my wonderful family".


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Coleen's fears over swine flu

TV presenter and singer Coleen Nolan has spoken about her son's battle with swine flu.

Coleen was terrified that 16-year-old Jake could die from the flu virus, which he was diagnosed with whilst visiting his father, Shane Richie, in London earlier this week. Because Jake suffers from asthma, the effects of the flu could have been devastating.

Coleen told The Mirror that she had researched the disease on the Internet following Jake's diagnosis. She told the newspaper: “What frightens me is that all the people who have died had underlying health problems. Teenage boys are apparently also most at risk, so it’s been a terrible worry.”

Jake is currently in quarantine and recovering from the flu virus in his bedroom. The rest of the family, however, are awaiting the results of tests to discover whether they have also contracted it. Coleen and Jake live with her husband Ray, their eight-year-old daughter Ciara and Coleen's son Shane Jr, 21.

After seeking medical advice, Coleen said: “My GP says all the rest of us can do is wait to see if we develop symptoms. I’m not scared for myself but I’m worried about Ciara getting it because she is so small and slight."

Coleen admitted that she had earlier dismissed the likelihood of Jake having swine flu when he complained of feeling ill towards the end of last week, putting it down to a dose of 'man flu.' “I feel so guilty about telling Jake he couldn’t possibly have swine flu when he did. Thank goodness he seems to be finally on the mend,” she said.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Phillip gets towed home after blunder

Phillip Schofield had to be towed home after putting unleaded fuel in a diesel car.

The This Morning host admitted he became confused when he used his wife Steph's car and filled it up with his usual fuel.

"Just forgot which one I was in as I tried to decide whether I wanted wine gums or crisps!" he said on Twitter.

"I did start the car, then I drove it about 500 yards before it died. So it's not gonna be cheap."

The presenter had to wait a couple of hours to be picked up by the AA and taken home.

He now faces a bill of £300 to have the car fuel tank drained and flushed.

After spotting his bungle, he said: "Note to self, don't put unleaded in a diesel, it REALLY screws up your Sunday."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Holly hints about This Morning job

Holly Willoughby has given her biggest hint yet that she will team up with Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

The 28-year-old is Schofield's first choice as co-presenter and is considering a £250,000 offer to replace Fern Britton on the popular daytime show.

Speaking for the first time about the job, she told new! magazine: "I would never pass up the opportunity to work with Phillip. He is lovely."

But the new mum said if she does sign on the dotted line, she is going to have her hands full juggling an eight-week-old baby and her other TV jobs. She said: "With The Xtra Factor, a new baby and Dancing On Ice, I'm pretty busy."

And in a separate interview with Closer, she said she is in no hurry to lose her baby weight. She said: "When you're breastfeeding you can't suddenly start dieting. You need to eat loads and have energy. I can't afford to be worrying about my weight."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Holly to get 'half Fern's salary'

ITV bosses have offered Holly Willoughby around half Fern Britton's salary to become the new presenter of This Morning, according to the papers

Some newspapers report that the 27-year-old - who co-presents Dancing On Ice with Phillip Schofield - has been offered around £400,000 to join the ITV1 show.

However others say she has been offered a contract worth £250,000, and that a deal will be finalised next week.

Fern - who leaves This Morning on July 17 - has been on a salary of £750,000, the same as co-host Phillip Schofield.

"ITV are seeing the changeover of presenters as a way of saving cash," an insider told the paper.

"Phil is on £750,000 but they can't trim his wages as he is locked into a two year-deal. Also, taking the job would be a big step up for Holly, so £400,000 seems about right."

The insider added that producers on This Morning are attempting to cut costs elsewhere in order to help pay for the show's popular experts, such as Dr Chris Steele and Denise Robertson.

There have also been rumours of other people being axed from the show to save more money.

ITV bosses are currently trying to work out how to fit Holly's other commitments - which also include presenting The Xtra Factor on ITV2 - around This Morning.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Holly looks set to replace Fern

Holly Willoughby is mulling over a £250,000 contract with ITV after being offered Fern Britton's This Morning job.

The 28-year-old - Phillip Schofield's first choice to be his new co-star - has been given a deal and will be looking over the contract this weekend.

Holly has told a pal she is "over the moon". A source close to the star said: "She has the contract in her hands and can't stop smiling. It should be just a matter of time before she signs and the deal is announced. She knows Phil well and they work with great chemistry on TV, so choosing her meant there was no need for lots of screen tests."

Newspapers revealed Holly as a favourite in March and Schofield, 46, boasted he had a hand in ITV's decision, saying on Twitter: "I get to choose."

Holly and Schofield also co-present high-profile show Dancing on Ice. On top of that, Holly is currently on the road with newborn son Harry doing The Xtra Factor, the spin-off for ITV2's The X Factor. This week, while in Birmingham and Manchester at auditions, bosses including Simon Cowell and Holly had a number of scheduling meetings.

It's thought these were to make sure Holly was able to fulfil the role on This Morning while juggling the dates for X Factor. If she signs the contract, she will work Monday to Thursday on This Morning from the end of August, as well as on the X Factor finals at weekends until the end of the year.

After Christmas, she will work on Sundays on Dancing On Ice. Her only full day off with Harry will be Fridays.

Outgoing Fern, 51, also thinks Holly would be good, saying: "She represents a huge swathe of the audience."

Itv declined to comment till a deal is signed, but it is thought they hope to unveil Holly next week.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Holly & Davina battle for place on sofa

Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall are battling over Fern Britton's job on This Morning, says a report.

An insider told newspapers that ITV has narrowed down the list of likely candidates to the last two.

The long list of hopefuls, which had included Fiona Phillips, Mel Sykes and Gabby Roslin, has been whittled down to Big Brother host Davina McCall and Dancing on Ice's Holly Willoughby.

A source said: "There are good reasons for having either one of them - they appeal in different ways.

"We are in a buyer's market for this job and talent are not dumb. They know it is a very good gig."

Earlier this month, Phillip Schofield had reportedly insisted that bosses hire Holly as Fern's replacement.

A source told the Sun: "Phillip has been flying the flag for Holly for a while but hasn't been getting the feeling that anyone was listening.

"So he decided to take it to the top. Like everyone else he has been reading in the papers about potential replacements but he's not crazy about any of them.

"He wants them to make a decision -- and appoint Holly."

Fern's last day on the This Morning set will be July 17 - which is also her birthday.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Ruthie steps down from Ice Panel

It has been reported that Ruthie Hensall, 42, has stepped down as a judge on Dancing on Ice to concentrate on other stage and TV work.

With six months to go before the new series, potential celebrity skaters have already taken to the ice in a bid to improve their skating skills.

Comedian and ex-EastEnder Bobby Davro, 49, looks as though he will rival Todd Carty as the worst skater ever.

Other stars rumoured to be appearing are model Keeley Hazell, 22, former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, 46, and ex S Club 7 star Tina Barrett, 32

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Dancing on Ice 2009

Donal writing book on Ice experience

Donal MacIntyre is going to release a book about his time on Dancing On Ice.

The Irish journalist - who came second in the TV talent show earlier this year with pro-skating partner Florentine Houdiniere - said his new book From Beginner To Bolero concentrates on his battle throughout the celebrity dancing show, but includes other elements too.

He said: "It is a kind of light-hearted whimsical diary on my time on the ice - it's kind of really a travel book more than anything, about my times, while I was training for Dancing On Ice, around the world."

MacIntyre revealed he's also working on a few other projects.

"I've been working on my radio stuff and writing some books and articles and doing some work over in Ireland so generally busy paying the mortgage," he said.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Phillip makes his feelings known

Phillip Schofield has reportedly insisted that bosses hire his Dancing on Ice co-host Holly Willoughby to replace Fern Britton on This Morning.

Insiders told newspapers that the 47-year-old told ITV executives "no one else is good enough."

Reports claims that Phillip made the demand in a "tense" meeting with channel boss Peter Fincham where he apparently said that Holly was the only presenter who could replace Fern.

A source claimed: "Phillip has been flying the flag for Holly for a while but hasn't been getting the feeling that anyone was listening.

"So he decided to take it to the top. Like everyone else he has been reading in the papers about potential replacements but he's not crazy about any of them.

"He wants them to make a decision -- and appoint Holly."

Several names have been linked to the presenting job including Myleene Klass, Davina McCall, Ruth Langsford, Kate Garraway and Gaby Roslin.

Ruth Langsford recently revealed that she believes that she has not be chosen for the job.

An insider said: "Ruth doesn't think she has got the job and was disappointed. Screen tests are taking place with a shortlist and Ruth either didn't make it, or wasn't happy with her interview.

"She's resigned herself to working only on Fridays with Eamonn. She is a little upset but loves the show. It means they're bringing in a fresh face to try to boost ratings."


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Donal and wife beaten up

Undercover TV reporter Donal MacIntyre and his wife have been beaten up by friends of a Chelsea football hooligan he exposed nine years ago.

Donal - who came runner-up in this year's Dancing on Ice - was set upon by four smartly-dressed men at the Cloud 9 wine bar in Hampton Court, Surrey on Wednesday

Wife Ameera De La Rose was also assaulted as she tried to help Donal, who was treated in hospital for the attack, which left him with a black eye and cuts to his face.

He told newspapers: "I've had kidnapping threats, been assaulted before, had my car trashed and I've had to move many times. I'll take those slings and arrows, but it crosses a line when my wife gets caught in the crossfire."

Donal infiltrated the vicious Chelsea Headhunters hooligan gang for his series MacIntyre Undercover in 2000, and covertly filmed them planning an attack.

Following Donal's expose, the gang's members Jason Marriner and Andy 'Nightmare' Frain were jailed for six and seven years respectively.

The attack happened shortly after Donal arrived at the wine bar when the four men were apparently heard yelling 'you grass, you snitch'.

Donal said: "They launched an assault by punching me. My wife tried to protect me when I was on the floor. They were trying to get me, missed me and then got her. She is extremely distressed."

"The attack on us clearly related to my investigation from 2000."

A witness from the bar added: "One guy specifically mentioned him turning over his mate Jason Marriner with sneaky tape recorders."

Police confirmed that a 48-year-old man from Addlestone, Surrey, had been arrested and quizzed on suspicion of assault. He was bailed pending further inquiries.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

The Nolans to reunite for UK tour

1970s girl band the Nolans are reforming for a 15-date tour of the UK, they have revealed.

Four of the six singing sisters, best known for I'm In The Mood For Dancing - a number three hit in December 1979 - will perform in the concerts.

Coleen, 44, who appears on ITV1's Loose Women, told GMTV: "We want to say you are never too old to do this - it's a real girls' night."

She will be joined on tour by Bernie, 48, Linda, 50, and Maureen, 55.

'Right time'

The group, who performed with a number of different line-ups, will start their tour at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on 11 October, ending on 10 November at Belfast's Odyssey arena.

Original members Anne and Denise will not be on the tour.

Coleen Nolan said: "We've been approached before over the last four or five years but it has never felt like the right time and the right people being involved.

"This time it was like, 'let's just do it once more'," she added.

The group, who first shot to fame with their 1978 covers album 20 Giant Hits, were originally called The Nolan Sisters before changing their name in 1980.

The sisters also enjoyed success in Japan where I'm In The Mood For Dancing was a number one hit.

Their 1980 album Making Waves, a number 11 hit in the UK, hit the top spot in Japan.


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Dancing on Ice 2009

Roxanne out of Midsummer Night's Dream

Dancing on Ice star Roxanne Pallett has unexpectedly withdrawn from her scheduled performances with the British Shakespeare Company just days before the opening night.

The 26-year-old had signed a contract to star as Hero in the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream immediately following her stint in Dancing on Ice.

Pallett joined Torvill and Dean's UK wide tour of the ice dance show and was expected to start rehearsing from the Shakespearean production at the end of the run.

However, her agent released a statement to the Kingston Borough Guardian which says that Roxanne's commitment to Dancing on Ice had affected her rehearsal schedule for the play.

Pallett's agent said: "Due to the Dancing on Ice tour running into the rehearsal period for the British Shakespeare Company, Roxanne Pallett has had to bow out of the project but wishes the company a fantastic run as she now looks towards forthcoming roles."

A spokesperson for the British Shakespeare Company said: "We were informed earlier this week that Roxanne had decided to pull out of the show.

"She couldn't catch up with the rehearsals that she had lost due to the Dancing on Ice tour."

The show was schedule to open on Friday and Pallett has been replaced by the actress Claire McGarahan.


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